Wednesday, 30 November 2011

NaBloPoMo - my take on it

You may recall that back on the 1st November, I blogged about NaBloPoMo and how I was going to blog every day for a month.  I also had a disclaimer that said:

"Disclaimer: Whilst I will endeavour to participate in this every day for the next 30 days, you guys need to know that I am easily distracted and get bored easily.  By blogging daily I am not only likely to bore my readers (LOVE YOU GUYS) but also highly likely to bore myself.  You have been warned!"

Well I failed.  I didn't manage to blog daily (in fact I went 5 days without a post) but what I did do was blog when I had something to say and the time to say it.  It made me realise that I have a very busy life and that blogging isn't the be all and end all.  It is not my life but a lovely, distracting diversion.  It is something I love to do to unwind and relax. I don't have time to blog post after post, and that I really don't have the time (or lets face it the inclination) to blog every day.    In fact, even though I have blogged more than 30 times this month, I now look back and think that is too much.  The content gets lost.

Did you do NaBloPoMo?  What are your thoughts on it?

Peace and Love 

S.A.M xx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

GOSH Click 'n' Conceal

I tweeted the other day that even the bags under my eyes had packed their bags...I kid you not as I am seriously busy with work and events I am working a full time job as well as being a full time mum (roll in Sri Lanka in January is all I say!)

The one thing that I always do though is wear a bit of make up, especially bright red lipstick which has been my trademark and master of disguise for years.  People always comment how well I look as the eye is drawn to my red glossy lips rather than my haggard old eyes!  That's not to say I don't try and cover up my shadows, I am a massive fan of concealer and alternate between a cream and a liquid depending on how much coverage I need!

I was sent a tube of GOSH click 'n' conceal to try which was reminiscent of the Worlds best selling concealer Touche Eclat by YSL.  The difference being the price!  This is just £6.99 so very affordable.

Here's what they say:

" Boost skin radiance and wave goodbye to dark circles and blemishes and cheat your way to a flawless complexion this multi-purpose tube of magic can also be used to enhance cheek bones, the lip contour and highlight brows"

So, what do I think?

The consistency was great but the coverage was poor.  As a concealer I found that this didn't conceal shadows and it didn't last for very long at all.  I was sent the lightest colour to test but truth be told, I would have been better suited to the next shade up.  It didn't work as a concealer but never one to waste an opportunity, I decided to try this as a brow highlighter.  It was very easy to apply and gave a lovely shimmery effect, the trouble being it just didn't last.

How would I score?

Effectiveness:  3/10 Sadly, didn't cover these bags!
Packaging: Like all GOSH products, sleek and light 7/10
Does it do what it says on the tin: 3/10 better as a highlighter but not a good concealer

Overall Score: 13/30

This could be improved if the coverage lasted longer.  It's great that it is available in four colours but until the coverage is improved (or my bags aren't as haggard!) I am afraid I won't be buying it again.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx

Monday, 28 November 2011

Conquering your fears a child's perspective

My beautiful Beansey at 8 years old is growing up fast.  I have really seen a big change in him these past 6 months and he has matured both mentally and emotionally and is a pleasure to parent most of the time, he really is.  We have our "moments" (of course we do) and I am still trying to work out if we clash as we are alike or if we clash as we are opposites - time will tell!!

He has conquered two big fears these past two weeks alone.  We go to the Skate Park a lot and he is great at whizzing around and doing tricks on his scooter but he has stood on the edge of the big bowl for the whole of the summer (must be at least 100 times, just standing there, looking down) every time we go he will say "I'll do it today Mummy" but he stands at the edge and then chickens out (and who can blame him, it is very steep).  

However, he was so desperate to do this and instead of talking about doing it, he just went and did it the last time we were in the park!!  Well after that there was no stopping him and he has encouraged and supported so many of his friends as they face the same fear, I was ever so proud of him for just getting out there, facing his fear and living life!

This weekend he was invited to a climbing party and he was really worried before hand asking things like "what happens if the rope snaps?" and "how do I know that they have fitted the safety line properly" and I just knew once we saw how high the wall was, that he wouldn't go past the first ledge.

freaking out and bricking it

Yay, made it to the first ledge

He tentatively stepped onto the wall, got to the first ledge and shouted "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" and rapidly got down.  He wasn't the only one, they all did exactly the same thing.  I had a little pep talk with him and he said that he really wanted to do it but would feel better if he could see me (bless him) so I shimmed up to the top with my camera and coached him up step by step as I knew that despite being my baby boy, he really wanted to do it.    Guess what?!  My brave and wonderful boy did just that!!

Hurry up and take the photo mum, all this hanging around.....

Even better, once he had done it once, he did it over and over again.  He then was a total poppet and encouraged his friends who were also scared, and helped a few of them to conquer their fears.

I am SO proud of him.  If only I could face my fears in the same way that he does, and instead of procrastinating about it, just did it!  In fact, I think I may take my inspiration from him next time I am faced with something I can't do and JUST DO IT.

Yes mum, you can stop freaking out now and chill out!
Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx

Keeping the cogs turning

There are so many things we take for granted in life and it is not until you are in a situation you didn't anticipate happening, that we can truly be grateful for what we have.  I remember going to stay with the outlaws for Christmas in 2009 and coming back to a freezing house as the boiler has gone.  Never was I so glad for the insurance that we had taken out as it meant we were warm and snug within a few hours and not facing a ridiculous bill so soon after the expense of Christmas.

There are things we can do though that can make life easier, so, that if the unexpected does happen, we are not caught short.  You may remember from my blog posts and tweete back in April that I was caught unawares when my ancient washing machine broke down and we couldn't afford to replace it.  I was tweeting about the inconvenience of being without a machine, all those dirty smelly rugby kits were festering around the house and I was always in the launderette.  My moans were noticed by appliances online who gave me the challenge to vlog about my need for a machine and if I was the lucky winner, I would win that machine!  Never one to turn down a challenge, I accepted and won!

Until I was without a washing machine, I hadn't given it any thought whatsoever as to what I would do if it ever broke, I truly had taken it for granted and now I have my super dooper machine, I will make sure that I have a washing machine service every year in order to keep it in tip top condition.  We service our cars and our bodies with health MOT's so why not our appliances?

It's the little things we do in life that keep the big cogs turning and make life easier all round and as a working mum with very little spare time, my cogs need all the help they can get!!

Peace and Love


This is an advertorial.  I have been paid to write this post but all views expressed are my own

Friday, 25 November 2011

I'm a sterimar ambassador!

I am thrilled to announce that I am now an ambassador for Sterimar.  If you were at Cybermummy in the summer, you may have seen my grand entrance with 2 helium dolphin balloons, that sadly, I had to leave outside due to available space and logistics.  Here's a quick flashback..........

I was sponsored by Sterimar which was a brand I discovered and fell in love with a few months before and am now positively evangelic about.   It has gotten to the point where if I hear mums going on about their children having a cold/blocked nose then I rave on about Sterimar for at least 5 minutes.  It really is a miracle cure for any ailments that involve sneezes, blocked noses and congestion.

It is now part of our daily routine and we keep a tube with the toothpaste so that our routine is always teeth, squirt (the sterimar not the loo!) and then bed.  Since using it religiously pretty much every night before bedtime, my kids have not had a cold, runny nose or even been ill.

Coincidence?  Only time will tell as we batten down the hatches for another winter.

So, if your little one (or big one!) is struggling with a blocked nose, nasal congestion or just suffering from a cold (man flu) I suggest you head to your local chemist and get some of this miracle cure.  It really is superb.

Peace and Love


Super Amazing Mum Loves............

I'm a bit of evangelist when it comes to Lakeland and I can always find something to buy that I soon come to realise that I can't live without!

One such thing was the beyond AWESOME Zoku Lolly Maker which we use pretty much a few times a week to make smoothies, lollies, frozen yoghurt pops.  It retails at £34.99 and is a great way of making sure that the kids get their 5 a day or (in my case!) when you run out of puds, you can make a quick, tasty and healthy pudding in less than 10 minutes.    All you do is store the unit in the freezer and then pour in your chosen flavour, the kids now make these themselves and it is fun as well as easy to use as no cables or wires.  The kids love experimenting with different flavours, and HAW makes an very alcoholic frozen mojito!  We are planning on experimenting with this over Christmas so I will report back on our findings!!

Are you a Lakeland aficiado?  If so, what are your favourite products???

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

My dirty little secret....

I love a bit of internet p**n.  You know, gazing longingly at things you *know* you can't afford, but you still dream of owning anyway.  I spend hours looking into illicit bedrooms, sizing up people's personal belongings  and my lust has now spread across the World as I look for what is out there.  My appetite is insatiable and it is growing stronger, I am seriously addicted.

Here's my latest lust isn't she a beauty??  Look at the detail, the view is simply stunning and don't get me started on the magnificent angelic detail.........

Or, how about something totally different?

I am loving the masculinity of this fine specimen it really, REALLY makes me drool.................

So, do you indulge?  Are you just as obsessed as I am?  Have you found any little beauties recently?  If, so, please come share with me!

Peace and Love


Making Waves for Alex - Please help if you can

A lot of you know by now that the beautiful, funny and wonderful Tamsyn from Manic Mum is going through a living hell due to her husband having suffered a horrific head injury playing rugby a few weeks ago.

She is a real, true life friend of mine and her bravery, courage and strength as she deals with the day to day mundane whilst keeping her spirits up for Alex and the children is beyond commendable.  She struggles, of course she does but her faith and love for her "lion" keeps her going, she is truly a lioness.

You can read her incredibly heart felt and moving posts on her blog here but please also take the time to read her posts pre the accident and you will see why she is such an amazingly special and very, very funny person.

The situation they find themselves in is not going to be a situation that changes rapidly overnight, it is a slow, slow process as Alex will have to re-learn how to do the basics such as breathing and swallowing and consequently, this is a recovery that will take years.  At some stage, they will need to leave their "french dream" and come back to the UK for Alex's rehabilitation.  Please have a look at the website that has been set up in Alex's name to keep people up to date.  You can also make a donation to his rehabilitation process Making Waves for Alex if you choose to do so.

I am also going to organise a bloggers lunch in conjunction with sponsors but this is in the early stages of planning and won't happen until next year.  I am looking at getting a company/companies to sponsor a bloggers lunch that I will charge bloggers to attend.  All proceeds will go to Alex's rehabilitation fund.

If you would like to help or have any other ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact me to discuss.

Thanks so much

Peace and Love


Name that moose and win £500 of Toys R Us vouchers

There is a moose on the loose and he needs a name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This poor little elk who incidentally, can outrun a human at just 5 days old is nameless and that the name moose means "eater of twigs?"  If you come up with the winning name, you could bag yourself £500 worth of toys r us vouchers. 

You likey?!  I did and my name was Sudomoose, a bit like a superhero but still got the branding in there.  Genius I say ;-)

If you think you can do better, you need to do the following:

1) Head on over to Sudocreme Fan Page on facebook and click the "moose name competition"
2) Share your name idea
2) Keep your fingers, toes and eyes (!) crossed that your name is picked!

Don't forget to let me know what you came up with.

Peace and Love


Friday, 18 November 2011

Super Amazing Mum Loves..................

This week, in my professional capacity as a Photographer, I have been at the British Red Cross Christmas Fair but, never one to miss a shopping opportunity, I took some time out to see if I could get some Christmas shopping wrapped up.

These events are a great opportunity for small businesses to showcase their latest products and the majority are home run.  I love the camaraderie and support and of course, I would much rather support local businesses rather than huge corporations.

The first thing I bought was from a lovely young lass called Fiona who has set up a company called The Elephants Trunk Company which specialise in luxurious velvet and silk jackets.  The jacket I bought cost just £30 and is versatile in that it can be worn two different ways.  It is incredibly well made and has received so many comments already.    It would make the ideal gift any special lady in your life (yes, I see myself as very special as bought it for myself!) and is beautifully made by hand.   I LOVE it!!

I was placed next to Rachel Vosper candles and felt like a massive stalker as had quite literally, that week, commented on the lovely Bangs and a Bun blog post as she was lucky enough to go on a candle making course with Rachel.  Her candles are AMAZING, reasonably priced and long lasting.  Forget your big named brands, and support a small business.  I PROMISE you, you won't ever look back.  

I then figured I better buy something for someone else, and so, with HAW being a foodie, I set of on a quest for a stocking filler.  I was blown away (quite literally with some of the flavours) by the amazing flavours and Caribbean influences of the husband and wife team at Kush Cuisine who specialise in chutneys and preserves with locally sources ingredients and hand cooked in small batches.

These were an absolute taste sensation and the passion that the company has is contagious, they had also recently won a gold award for their produce so I'm in good company when I recommend these.   I got three chutneys for just £10 and have been a VERY naughty girl as have already opened the pear, ginger and chilli chutney to have with cheese and crackers for brunch.  Shhh, don't tell HAW.

Finally, if you have small children, you MUST check out Jenny Wren Clothing who are two sisters who hand make the most beautiful liberty print dresses and accessories and hand knitted tank tops.  With prices starting at just £1 for  a hair slide, the team of sisters are a force to be reckoned with.  The dresses would be perfect for Christmas day and I will be getting the Pixie one very shortly!!!

So, before you start your Christmas shopping, have a google and see if you have any Christmas Fairs in your area, not only will you get a unique present, but you will be supporting local businesses at the same time.

Happy Shopping!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mum, Mum, I know the "S" word..............

"Mum, Mum, I know the "S" word........................

So said BoBo aged 5 this morning.

"Really darling, well you do know that it's not very nice and Mummy would prefer it if you didn't use that word to describe your poos"

"Ok mummy.  I won't say I need a sexy then"

Oh shit.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Peppa Pig Party Time App - Review

Having a toddler girl after two boys is a totally different ball game.  The boys at this age all loved Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam and anything on Cbeebies whereas the Pixie loves Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, old school musicals/shows and of course, anything cbeebies!

Another big difference is that she is far more aware of technology than the boys ever were, partly because we have more technology in the house but also the fact that technology in the last 8 years has come on in leaps and bounds!  When Beansy was born 8 years ago, I was on a blackberry phone but now of course, it is all about the iphone and ipad (well in this house anyway!).

I adore the ipad - I use it every single day to check my emails and I use the kindle app on it to download and read books.  I read every night at bedtime and so, it is now invaluable.  It is also a *great* addition to help with the kids education.  Most nights, Beansy uses an app that helps him with his times tables, it's totally random and a GREAT way to get him to remember them, it really works and he enjoys it!

I have only downloaded a few apps for games, primarily because I want to remain mine, all mine........cue evil, manical laughter...

but I was offered the chance to review Peppa Piga Party Time App and as the Pixie adores, Peppa we went ahead.  

The game is based around Peppa's party and there are 6 games:

1) Making the Invitations
2) Making the party bags
3) Let's bake a cake
4) Musical Chairs
5) Pass the Parcel
6) Pinata

The instructions are all spoken which makes this ideal for pre-schoolers and the graphics and sounds are identical to the TV programme - Pixie adored it and although not educational, it is a great, well planned and fun game!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

The BIG app treatment with Kodak!!!

Kodak has created an easy online tool to upload images and then print them out to create big wall-size pictures. And when they say big, they mean anywhere from 4 to 16 or more A4 sheets put together. To get an idea of how this can be used, see the Portfolio. Of course, it’s not just about size, it’s what you do with the prints that counts, and they are running a competition in association with Britmums  to find some great images that could work BIG!!!!

Now much as I LOVE the kids, I don't want to have HUGE pictures in the sitting room but I think these would work fantastically well in the children's bedrooms.  I can't decide on a single image (and nor would I want to have a favourite child ;-) but I am putting these 3 photos up for the cut just because I feel they represent the kids!!!!

1) Beansy and his Rugby Team last year at Harlequins, they were AMAZING and got through to the final.  This represents their team spirit and I love that they are all at different schools but already so tight as a team.

2) BoBo has spent most of his life dressing up - as a 2 year old he wore a Halloween bat costume pretty much everyday and his latest dress up favourite is cowboys and Indians.  I LOVE this photo of him and the colours are so vibrant.

3) Pixie

My beautiful little girl is such a girls girl she is never happier than when she is wearing "frou frou" I LOVE this photo of her so, so much and even though she isn't looking at the camera, I love the composition and the look of concentration on her face.

I'm Taking Part in the Kodak Big App Challenge

Why not have a look at your photos and get inspired?!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

Monday, 14 November 2011

Duvet Day

Today, I made the unprecedented decision and gave the boys a "duvet day".   Anyone who knows me well, will know that I am the mum that through rain, snow or blizzard will get the kids in to school and on time.  I am also that mum who will send then in with a cold (why is it that other parents keep their kids off with coughs and colds?!) in fact, the only time they are allowed of school is when they are running a temperature and are to ill to get out of bed.

So, what was different about today?

It was Beautiful Beansy's birthday this weekend and despite having his party last week, he had his first ever sleepover this weekend.  It was so lovely to see/hear him and his friends as they whispered and played lego, but they were still awake until just past 10pm and as my kids are usually in bed around 7pm, it stands to reason that they were tired and grumpy.  The boys also played rugby and went to the skate park and so were physically and mentally shattered.    

Consequently, this morning both the boys were crying, tired and just generally exhausted and so I took the decision to give them the "day off".  We played, we read stories and watched 2 films back to back.  They both fell asleep around 2pm for over an hour.

I think a mothers intuition is far better than any other and so I gave the boys the day off.    They are now both refreshed and revitalised and raring to go back tomorrow.

The company I used to work for used to grant employees 4 "duvet days" a year.  To my mind, this is exactly what I gave the boys today.

So, have you done this before?  Was I right to listen to my intuition or should I have sent them in regardless?  What would you have done??

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx

Sunday, 13 November 2011

My beautiful *baby* Boy is 8 today....

Wow, where has the last 8 years gone?!

You were born at 00:12am and I had a very long labour that ended up in an emergency c-section.  I had been in labour for 3 days and was absolutely exhausted.  I had got to 9.5cm and then you went into distress and the quite literally cut you out of me as quickly as they could.  My goodness, did you scream the place down!

You were rushed to the SCBU and Daddy stayed with you whilst I was wheeled back up to the ward.   It was awful but I was shattered and hallucinating and so I slept until 9am.  Daddy then wheeled me down to see you.  You were 10lb 1oz of dark haired chubbiness and despite all the wires and tubes you were perfect, just perfect.  I sobbed and sobbed as did Daddy as you were so, so wanted and so, so loved.  One day I will tell you all about my pregnancy with you, it was incredibly stressful for everyone, but through it all, I just "knew" you would survive.  Call it mothers instinct but I just knew you were a fighter.  

In fact, we choose your name as it means "the greatest, the strongest" and I know that will stand you in good stead for whatever the future holds.  Of that my darling, we are not sure but you can rest assured that Daddy and I are with you every step of the way and you are taking giant leaps every day.

This last year has been a massive learning curve for me as a parent, you are starting to push the boundaries and I am still trying to work out if we clash at times because you are like me, or if it is because we are opposites.  I am not a perfect parent and I know I have little patience, but I want you to know that everything I do, I do for the good of this family and for you three kids.  I don't always get it right, I can accept that, but I am trying so, so hard to instill good manners, respect and fun into everything we do. 

You appear so confident and self assured but really, you are a sensitive soul who needs re-assurance a lot of the time.  You are doing so well at school sweetheart, you are gifted in maths and have a very keen interest in History but you must start to believe that yourself and know that it really *really* doesn't matter if you get 13/15 on a spelling test. 

The sports field is where you also excel and you play both rugby and football to a very high standard, always wanting to practise and excelling in what you do.  You have a maturity on the sports field that isn't always shown at home and you are a very well liked and popular little boy with all your peers.

I am so proud of you darling, you are such great company and I love our little chats and cuddles once the other two are in bed.  It is one of my favourite times of the day and I love that you always give me the biggest hug and kiss every morning and night, please always do this!!!

You are growing up into a fine young man and I love you so, so very much.   You are my little superstar and I can't believe that this handsome, clever, wonderful little boy is mine!!!!  Daddy and I are *very* clever to have made you.

Every night, we have the same routine of telling each other how much we love each other, ever since you read the book "Guess how much I love you" well my little poppet, I love you to the end of the world and back again and up to the moon and stars and out into infinity and that my son, is a very long way.

Love always

Mummy xxxx

Silent Sunday

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Perfect Child

I have always thought that my kids are ever so slightly bonkers (well, have you seen the parents ;-) and their latest little game proves this!  I was stupid brave enough to have three children close in age, when the Pixie was born I had 3 under 5 which was and still is, incredibly hard work.  The boys in particular are always bickering and trying to see who is "top dog".  I think it is because they are both so competitive by nature that they are constantly trying and fighting to be the "alpha male".  It drives me nuts!

Anyway, their latest game is called "Perfect child" and get this, they are bickering to see who can be my "Perfect child"

The rules of the game are this should you feel like encouraging your kids to play:

1) You must do as mummy says, first time you are asked
2) You must bring your cereal bowl from the dining room into the kitchen without being asked
3) You must keep your room spotless and put away all your toys
4) You must leave your shoes by the door and hang your coat up
5) You must get dressed and brush your teeth with no faffing about

If you do all of the above without fussing and faffing, you are allowed to walk around the house saying "I'm mummy's perfect child"

It then usually goes something like this:

Beansy "Oh look, I'm mummy's perfect child, all dressed with no fussing"
BoBo "NO, I'm mummy's perfect child, I brushed my teeth"
Pixie: "NOOOOO, I Mummy's perfect child" (not sure she quite gets it yet)

They are always my perfect kids, arguing or otherwise!!!

They then go to bicker before one of them will say "Actually, perfect children don't argue" and sit there being lovely to each other.

I LOVE this game!

Are your kids competitive?  How do you deal with sibling rivalry??

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Here's a picture of Miss Stroppy Knickers

Oh Pixie, Oh beautiful baby girl............You seem to have turned 3 and turned into a little monkey! What's going on kiddo?!!  All these strops over the silliest of things......I just have to post these two photos to show you when you're bigger what you were like!!!

This was all because I wouldn't let you have a lollipop (horrible things, they rot your teeth!) and you flung yourself across the park with your water bottle and kept looking at me for effect!

I LOVE you so, so much but these strops got to keep it real kiddo!!!

Love you to the moon and back, stroppy knickers!!!

Peace and Love

Mummy xxx

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How to make a Chocolate Fort Birthday Cake

I had to make one of these last week and was REALLY struggling to find a recipe!  In the end, I made a basic chocolate cake recipe and improvised.  It is *really* easy to do and so I hope I inspire you to do the same if you are looking to make one of these for your little man (or lady!)

You will need:


225g soft butter
225g Caster Sugar
4 large free range eggs
100g self raising flour
1 teaspoons baking powder
3 teaspoons cocoa powder
A splash of milk

For the "decorating" you will need:

6 boxes of cadbury fingers (I used the new fabulous fingers which have a layer of white chocolate inside and really are fabulous, the kids LOVED them and so did a fair few adults!)
1 tub of ready to spread icing (You can of course make your own butter icing, but to be honest, time is precious and this tastes just as lovely and is VERY easy to use!)
Green edible glitter (from any good cake shop. this really adds the WOW factor to your cakes)


1)Pre heat oven to 180c or gas mark 4
2)Grease 2 x 20cm square tins (I only have 1 so bake the cakes one at a time)
3) In a bowl beat the sugar and butter until creamy, then add the eggs one at a time.
4) Sieve in the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder and fold into the mixture

5) Add the milk slowly until the consistency drops of the spoon.  This is then the perfect mix!
6) Pour into the tin/tins and bake in the oven for 25/30mins or until a skewer is clean (ie no mixture sticking to it) when put into the middle of the cake.  Once the cakes have baked, remove from the oven and cool in the tin for 10 mins before turning out to cool completely.

Decorating the Cake

1) Take a sharp knife and cut out a square inside the cake, this will be the internal "courtyard" of your fort.  
2) Take the square you have cut out and then cut this into 4 equal pieces, these will then form the turrets/lookouts of your fort.
3) Smother the cake and the lookouts in the butter cream icing, you then need to work quickly and place the chocolate fingers all around the outside of the cake and the lookouts on the 4 corners.  
4) add toy soldiers for effect and sprinkle the edible glitter over the whole cake.  

Sorry the picture is rubbish quality, I had to crop to edit out my sons name!

He absolutely LOVED this and it went down really well.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Birthday Portraits

It's really funny, having my own photography business people expect me to have lots of photos of the kids, but the truth of the matter is that business is doing far, far, better than we predicted and we just don't have time time to photograph our own kids (my business partner and I have 6 between us!)

In the half term though we made a massive effort to get out and shoot our kids.  I have always done birthday portraits and as Beansy and Pixie are 2 weeks apart in birthday celebrations, half term was perfect!

Here are the results: My handsome, clever nearly 8 year old Beansey................

My handsome, quietly, confident baby boy BoBo..............

Finally, my beautiful cherub Pixie............

My GOODNESS I love you 3 angels so, so much!!!!!!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx

Monday, 7 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 teen crushes....

This weeks Listography is a cracker - your top 5 favourite teen crushes....this is going to take me a while to think of, because truth be told, I was so fickle I changed my mind from one day to the next!  I have *really* enjoyed compiling this list, but I have added a twist for my own amusement, a photo of them at the time of my crush and a photo of them now?!  Would I still *do* them given the opportunity??  Let's see...............

1) Luke Perry

Oh how I loved Beverly Hills 90210.  It was everything my life in Surrey Suburbia was NOT. Key to my love of this programme was my HUGE crush on Dylan played by Luke Perry.  He was a *bad boy* but oh, those smouldering looks........Fast forward 25 odd years, and yes, I still would!!!

2) Luke Skywalker - that floppy blonde hair, those penetration eyes and ever so squeaky voice as he defended the universe........OMFG........that is all.  I can't *believe* how different he looks....Now look at ya, the years in the wilderness have not been kind, so I'm afraid to say no way

3) Val Kilmer - oh you gorgeous, chisel cheeked young whiper you're all jowly and ginger?!! Ginger?!!  I thought you were blonde........for that reason and that reason only, you're out!

4) John Taylor

Ooooohhhh.....did I have it bad for Mr Taylor.  He was utterly gorgeous and I still think that today, I remember being very upset when he got together with Amanda de Cadanet!!!

5) Rob Lowe

My bedrooms walls were covered with pictures of the lush Rob Lowe...he is the only one of my teen crushes that I still think is hot to trot! 

Who were your teen crushes???  I have a while lot more but need to get the Pixie to her ballet class!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Funniest PR request EVER...............

This has just landed in my inbox.......................


My name is Jack. I'm the author of a popular guide called "Jack's Blowjob Lessons" ( you can Google it ), I ran into your blog ( site ) and I believe that your readers might find my guide valuable. Please tell me if it is possible to write a guest article on your blog ( site ) and/or do you write book reviews? If yes, I can send you a copy. 

Thanks in advance,

So, any of my readers want me to review on their behalf ;-)

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

Silent Sunday

Flowers - to make her smile!

There is one thing you can do for a woman of every age that will guarantee a smile, and that is to buy a bunch of flowers.  HAW is very good at picking up the odd bunch here or there, especially on his way home on a Friday, he has definitely bought his fair share of flowers in Wimbledon over the years as this is where his train intersection changes.  He doesn't spend a fortune and it is not a habit but it is a very special thing that makes me love him lots, it shows he is thinking of me and appreciating what I do!!!

However, nice as it is to have him giving them to me in person, nothing but nothing beats the thrill of a surprise bouquet at random times to show he is thinking of me.  He used to regularly send me flowers to my office which always used to make me blush (but secretly I LOVED it) and since I have been at home with the children, he still does this on occasion.  His notes are always very thoughtful and I have all them upstairs hidden away.  I think the nicest one he ever sent said "you are amazing, I am the happiest man in the world with you by my side" and must have been quite hard for him to have said to the florist (him of the stiff upper lip, boarding school train of thought!)

Consequently, knowing how happy flowers make me, I am always keen to reciprocate to others when I can, and recently when we were staying with the Mother in Law in Scotland I found myself looking for  Florists in Kilmarnock as this is where my MIL lives.  The great thing about the Internet is that it gives you the flexibility to share the love around!!!

Equally, whenever I want to send flowers to my wonderful mum, I just google flower delivery fulham and I am able to send her a fresh, hand tied bouquet the same day.

My favourite bouquet at the moment are designed exclusively for Interflora by the award winning rose breeder David Austins who has created a charming bouquet with three beautiful roses that has a lovely soft palette of pink.  I adore the vintage feel to this bouquet and it really evokes memories of my Grandfather's rose garden.

What are your favourite flowers??   

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

Saturday, 5 November 2011

The littlest Angel DVD Review

As the nights draw in and the days are shorter, we tend to spend one of the weekend afternoons snuggled up on the sofas with a roaring fire watching a film.  We were sent a copy of the littlest angel to review which was available on general release and download from the 10th October 2011.  

The film is based on the Charles Tazewell novel of the same title and the story is about a 5 year old angel who spends his days in Heaven looking for things that remind him of home rather than learning how to be an angel at the angel academy and growing his wings like all the other little angels.  All he wants to do is retrieve his treasure box with all his precious belongings and he takes off with Halo the dog on an adventure to bring it back in time for the angels first ever Christmas party.

We sat down to watch this and very quickly into the film, Beansey said "Mum, does that mean littlest is dead?  How did he die?  He is only the same age as BoBo".  This rather detracted from the storyline as my kids then wanted to know "how had the angels died?" and "where were their parents?"

Pixie at 3 was totally captivated and really enjoyed the film but the older two were not keen on the story and the question of child mortality.  So much so, that Beansy is still mentioning it and wanted to know "how sad are the parents".

It made for uncomfortable viewing - I wouldn't say that my boys were sensitive but the fact they picked up on the fact that littlest was in fact dead made for not very comfortable viewing, even though the story and animation is quite sweet.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

My last 24 hours

The last 24 hours have been CRAZY, MANIC, BUSY....How I can sit here with my eyes still open, who knows??!!!

So what have I been doing I hear you ask???

Here's a little sneaky peek into the life of S.A.M.......................

1) Dropped boys of at school, took Pixie to church to celebrate her birthday:

2) Went to work, picked the boys up from school, took a friends child to a tutor, home, homework, dinner, bath bed.  Procrastinated on twitter about having to bake not one, but two birthday cakes....faffed, tweeted, faffed some more and then got on with it........


Can you believe I was *stupid* enough to make one chocolate and one madeira???  Why, why, why didn't I do two chocolates??  Would have saved myself a lot of time and stress.  (DOn't look too closely at the cakes BTW ;-)

3) Up at 6am to ice cakes...Went to bed at 1am.  KNACKERED does not begin to describe it.

4) Kids to school, Pixie to nursery and off to Twickenham for a client viewing......home from work, pick kids up, change in car and head of to Wacky Warehouse for Beansey and Pixie's joint birthday party.   Hectic, crazy few hours, kids love it and then home for present opening.

Fall asleep on sofa at 830pm.

This is my crapola entry for today's #nablopomo where I have pledged to blog every day.

On that note, HAW just ran me a bath with all my Jo Malone bath oils.......

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx