Saturday, 17 September 2011

What activites do your kids do????

When the long summer holidays came to an end, I started to get that feeling of dread in the pit of my tummy, one look at my diary and I got an instant headache.  What am I talking about?!  Well the never-ending saga of after school clubs and activites.

I am really curious to see what others do, as I spend my time chasing/co-ordinating/forgetting and general planning of activities with military like precision.

I don't think my kids do a lot, but I would LOVE to hear what clubs your kids do, and if you constantly feel as if you are being pulled in a thousand directions!

Beansey is nearly 8.  This is his timetable:

Monday - chess club after school but finishes at 4:20pm then nothing
Tuesday - Football training 630-730pm (so freezing cold with the other 2 kids, very tired)
Wednesday - Rugby Training
Thursday - NOTHING
Friday - Swimming followed by Beavers
Saturday - Football Match
Sunday - Rugby Match then more often the not up to the golfing range.

He is a talanted football/rugby player and loves both.  He is less keen on swimming but until he can swim 100m he has to go.  I feel this is a "life" skill along with Beavers (soon to be cubs). 

He wants to now learn an instrument but I can't see how it will fit in yet would love to give him that opportunity.

BoBo - is just 5.  This is his timetable (for want of a better word)

Monday - NOTHING
Tuesday - Tennis
Wednesday - NOTHING
Thursday - Swimming
Friday - Beavers
Saturday - Football
Sunday - Rugby

He also adores football and rugby and played tennis throughout the summer and is desperate to keep it up.  Again, I think that Beavers and swimming are life skills and something they can learn so much from.  Incidentally, they both play golf, tennis and cricket in the summer.

Pixie - aged 2

I take her swimming once a week as well as toddler groups but she has just started Baby Ballet and will start gymnastics when she is 3.

So, do I do to much?!  I seriously know people who do double what I do - kumon, tutors, fencing, judo etc etc. 

I am all for encouraging sports but I feel as if I need someone to just help me with all the running around. 

Where do you draw the line??!

How to get rid of a dummy....

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my daughters addiction to her dummy Addicted to a Dummy  in this blog I told you all how Pixie was getting increasingly reliant on her dummy (Dodo) and despite only having it at bedtime, was always asking for one or looking (and finding one).

When she got to the stage of saying that "Dodo is my best friend" I decided that enough was enough.  She was starting pre-school at the beginning of September and it was the perfect time to say that "you're a big girl now, and big girl's don't have Dodo's".

I told her that the fairies would be coming to visit her and that if she gave them her dummies that they would bring her a little treat.  She asked for chocolate eggs and so that night, we wrote a little letter to the fairies and I took away every single dummy.

She acknowledged that she was a "big girl" and got into bed with a blanket and her dolly.


That was it!!!!

No crying, no fussing, dropped off straight to sleep!  I was expecting tears, tantrums and a long night but my wonderful little girl had accepted that she was a "big girl" and didn't fuss or fret.

The next morning she had a few chocolate eggs and a letter back from the fairies saying what a big girl she was and that they had taken her Dodo's to a new little baby called Amber Rose.  She totally accepted this and later that night asked for a dummy - I again told her that the fairies had taken them to a new baby and she was fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in shock, I had expected this to be difficult but my wonderful daughter took it all in her stride and was totally accepting. 

The Dodo is finally extinct!!!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx

Friday, 9 September 2011

Have you met the 3rd member of Jedward???

My beautiful boys have always, always had long, surfy stylee hair.  It suits, them, it is easy to maintain and it looks lovely....

Here is a selection of my mop top boys, just to show you how lovely they look (can you guess where this is going yet..............

Me and my boy

Our Baby Boys

BoBo and his gorgeous locks

I have battled with the Headmistress who "insists" on boys having short hair and as for the MIL she never stops telling me how "scruffy" they are.  Scruffy they may well be, but they look adorable and they suit it, more to the point, the boys love it.  Anyway, today was the day for the back to school haircut (yes a week late) and so we went into the barbers where we have been going for the last 6 years.  Our regular hairdresser wasn't in and so we sat down with the new lady.  She asked Beansey if he want gel (of course) and then despite my telling her "just a tidy up" proceeded to lop of AT LEAST 4 inches.  I wasn't paying much attention as the Pixie was playing up, but when I looked at what she had done, I was gobsmacked....I then stupidly paid and left with a throw away comment of "that's much shorter than I asked for".

So here it is...the before and after......................


OH MY FREAKING GOD, what have you done to my boy??!!!  Are you a jedward fan or did someone dare you to do that??!! He had to go straight to Beavers and luckily for him, his friends thought he was "a cool dude"......

Help...any solutions??!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

The apron strings are hanging by a thread.....

Can I just say "AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH"...............

Ah, that's better. 

Yesterday was a momentous day in the Super Amazing Mum household, my little Pixie was starting pre-school.  It's only for 3 mornings a week (5 after Christmas - GULP) and of course the boys are both back at school.
My little darlings

Despite my moaning at times about the kids, the whole ground hog routine (this week swimming, rugby, football, french, chess and beavers)  I truly LOVE being a mum, it fulfills me and I feel so privileged to have these 3 amazing little people in my life, they amaze me, annoy me, love me unconditionally (and I them) and make me laugh every single day, I can barely remember life pre kids (apart from the long, luxurious lie-ins) and so you would think that after 8 years of always having a little person around, I would be longing for some "time out" to do something for me. 

Today was that day - I dropped the boys off at school (Beansey now a junior and different entrance, goes in by himself no less) and then Pixie and I pootled along to pre-school.

First to arrive, looking aprehensive/pensive...

She was an absolute superstar...she found her peg with her name on it (so diddy) and then sat down for the register whilst I filled in the paperwork.  Here she is on her first day..........

I am so proud of her, she settled in really well, no tears and very chatty once she had got used to her surroundings.  I came home and spent the time clock watching, feeling bereft and not knowing what to do with myself!! I couldn't wait to pick her up again....

Now, I am not saying that I won't enjoy the 3 free mornings I have off now (gym - HELLO!) but I do feel sad that my apron strings are being frayed little by little and that all my little babies are all growing up.  I know that Pixie is my last baby so I am guessing this is why I feel extra sorry for myself?!

Do you feel the same or I am just a sentimental old bird (same might say just mental ;-)

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Our Summer Holiday 2011

Just 72 hours ago, I was on a sun drenched beach, holding hands with HAW whilst we watched the kids playing in the surf.  Fast Forward 48 hours and I was wearing my ski jacket on the school run, battling against the wind and lashing rain whilst trying to manoeuvre a buggy and 2 rain drenched kids...go figure.

We have just returned from an amazing 10 days in France.  It was a last minute booking as we are off to Sri Lanka in a few weeks but really needed a break en masse.   We decided on the beautiful islands of Ile De Re and Oleron and I cannot recommend these enough if you have a family.

We flew to Nantes from London City which is an amazing airport, efficient, quick but albeit a bit scary taking off from the middle of the Thames!  We arrived in Nantes to find that Air France had lost our buggy in Paris but they were very quick to give us a replacement.  We got our hire car and drove about 45 mins to our first destination...the AMAZING Manoir de Ponsay which if you ever need a stopover in the Vendee region, I can't recommend highly enough.  The chateau has been in the family for centuries and is now run by the lovely Laurent and his wife.  He trained in the kitchens of Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White, and MAN this boy can cook!!!  We had a fabulous HUGE room with period french chic furniture and a stunning bathroom with rolltop bath.  It's in the middle of nowhere and has stunning countryside and a perfectly small swimming pool that the kids loved. 

 We were sad to leave but the islands were calling and we spent the next 9 days swimming, eating, chilling, playing, relaxing.  This really is a case of letting the pictures do the talking. 

 The beautiful port of La Rochelle where we all ate moules frites and the kids discovered Orangina and HUGE flavoured meringues.

Why do my kids all NOT wear PJ tops???

HAW likes nothing more than cooking, so on the days we decided to stay home, we ate lobsters, moules, huge langoustines, fresh crab, and the speciality of the region - Oysters!  As for the wine...Oh, La La...the french really do keep the best for themselves - amazing Pinot Noir for 4E and a Sancerre Rouge for 7E.  We were in foodie heaven!  The boys tried snails for the first time (Pixie wouldn't even look at them and they all had oysters (and then spat them out I hasten to add!).

I celebrated my *cough* 32nd birthday whilst in France and we had a lovely dinner at a local auberge with the whole restaurant singing happy birthday.  The kids then ran around the square playing "Harry Potter vs Star Wars" until gone 11pm.  It was perfect, it really was.

On our last day we got lost in a forest (separate blog post, I promise!) but spent most of the time on the beach.  The beaches were deserted and are said to be the best in France.  The sea was calm, the beaches uncrowded and so safe you could sit and watch the kids without fear of them drowning or getting lost.
  Beansey learnt to surf and whilst doing so, met a beautiful french girl called Justine who is now his penpal!!  BoBo spent most of his time on his "island" playing Captain Jack Sparrow whilst Pixie was Elizabeth.....
It was a truly magical holiday and we will definitely be back! 

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx