Saturday, 26 February 2011

The day I met a Rolling Stone......

HAW launched a London Newspaper in 2005.  It's called City AM and is going very, very well (so proud of him!).  Part of his job involves client entertaining and we have been to so many amazing events as a couple and as a family on the back of this - today he is at Kempton Park and then we are picking him up to go to Twickenham for the Rugby.  It is a very charmed life and we are very lucky.

Thursday saw us at the 02 for the Gaucho International Polo.  I have been fortunate in my time to go to a fair few polo events and I love them for a number of reasons.  Firstly, as a spectator sport, it is simply wonderful - it is fast, dangerous and exciting.  It's also quite short with four chukkas per game and did I mention the wonderfully fit men in tight trousers?   

We got to the 02 and had a wonderful 5 course lunch at the Gaucho which if you love a good steak is heaven on a plate.  We then went into the arena and were treated to some excellent polo with an utterly thrilling final which saw England win by 1 goal. 

However, as much as I love the game, something else happened to me that totally made my year.  I met not one, but two members of the Rolling Stones! 

Now I like to think I am quite a cool chick (ha ha) but on spotting Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts, I rushed over said "oh my goodness, you two are legends, absolute legends, I am totally star struck" (yep, I really did) and they were amazing!  We had a lovely, lovely chat for near on an hour (oh my goodness what they told me!) about all sorts of things and although Charlie was slightly more reserved, they were both charm personified.

Not only are they great musicians, they are humble, charming and true gentlemen.

Reasons to be cheerful - 1,2,3

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

Mummy from the Heart has a great weekly link up, you basically list 3 reasons to be cheerful.  Here are mine:

1) We have had an amazing half term, seen lots of friends, had some lovely family days out and generally enjoyed being together.  I love to see how our little family are growing and bonding, it makes me very happy and even though having three cherubs so close in age is hard work, it really is special watching them all play so beautifully together (most of the time!!)

2) After my family, the thing I am most proud of is the fact that I have set up my own business which is flourishing - I had some amazing this week with regards to investment which I will be sharing with you all very soon.

3) I met Ronnie Wood................I am a MASSIVE Rolling Stones fan and he was charm personified.  I will be blogging about this at some stage this weekend.....

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Soundtrack of my life....

Firstly, I apologise if you are reading this and have tagged me and I haven't responded, I would love to have the time to do every tag I get, but I just don't have the time with running my own business and the kids.  I have every intention of doing so but not enough hours in the day.  I know a lot of you are the same, so I won't feel offended if you don't have time either!!  However, this is a goody and I am in the mood for music!  I have been tagged by Mothers Always Right and her list made me smile.

Here is a selection of music that has defined periods of my life (note my favourite songs but defining ones)

I have very vivid memories of singing this as a 4 year old on a family picnic and dancing my little socks off.  I still absolutely LOVE this and have just played it to me kids who must have great taste as they have said "again, again"  It has such a lovely appeal and more than 30 years later still sounds fresh!

Summary: My 1st music memory

I was (still am) a massive Madonna fan and was very good (Bossy) at organising all the other girls in the class at school into lines whilst I taught them a routine.   By this stage in my life I was heavily involved in dance and drama and so knew all the routines.  We laugh about my bossiness and obsession now with Madonna on facebook (how very modern) as a lot of my junior school friends are all over the world.  I was a real task master until we had it perfect!  How they put up with it I don't know.

Summary: Reminds me of lovely friends I still have some 30 years later (gulp)

This is the song I had my first ever "proper" kiss to. I had fancied the boy in question for weeks and we had had a few pecks on the cheek.  We used to have a great under 18 Disco called the Ace that was run by the local police and the aim was always to get a slow dance and kiss with the boy you fancied!  I still smile when I hear this now

Summary: 1st Kiss

If you were there, you'll love this.

Summary: Freedom!

By the time this came out, I was well established in TV advertising and living a great life flying across the world.  I met one of my best friends in 1994 when she came to work for the TV station I was working for and we used to have the most fantastic girlies holidays - this was always on our tape deck!

Summary: Hot Summers/Great friends/Great job/Great memories

Reminds me of HAW.  We have been together for 12 years and have been on a musical journey together.  His music tastes are far more sophisticated than mine, he was all Bowie where I was all Wham, he was all Beatles whilst I was all Take That.  He was also a trance DJ in Edinburgh whist at Uni and has so much vinyl it's ridiculous.  We have been re-discovering lots of great, great bands together. 

Summary: Many a Saturday night spent mixing it up with wine and HAW re-discovering great music.

As I have said, this is music that has defined periods of my life, not my favourite music (must blog about that) but all of these tunes bring a smile to my face for various reasons.

I am tagging the following, join in if you have time @helloitgemma (always!) @choc0range @fastandluce @manicmum4 @cosmicgirlie @honestmum @bangsandabun @bigfashionista @Iamubermummy @katetakes5

Peace and Love xx

Monday, 21 February 2011

I was REALLY looking forward to half term, UNTIL....

I opened Beansey's book bag and found a letter about a project that they needed to complete this half term.  We need to re-create an arctic scene, examples are: Sugar cube igloos (simply construct using superglue and cover with dessicated coconut anyone?) skidoos made from lolly sticks (ahem, can someone please tell me where I am meant to get lolly sticks from in Feb, am I meant to be organised and save them from the Summer?)  and my personal favourite construct a polar bear using Papier Mache and fake fur (I can't even spell papier mache, let alone make something from it)

Not forgetting spellings, two books and three worksheets. 

Now this would be fine if we didn't have plans - this is our week so far:

Today - I am working, I don't have any choice there, sorry but we need money to live
Tomorrow - We are meeting friends ALL DAY (how dare we) two hours away, she is a very old friend and we only get a chance to get together in the holidays when all of our children are off school.
Wednesday - Meeting another friend with children - again we only get to meet in the holidays and we have a day at the beach (brr) planned. 
Thursday - HAW is having a day off (hence why I am working today) and we are going into town as their is a brilliant exhibition at the War Museum that the boys are really looking forward to
Friday - I am working and the kids are going out with their grandparents for the day
Saturday - we are going to a friends house for lunch

So I guess that leaves Sunday - the day of rest, the day before we go back to school and when we normally do homework.   Having done a quick google on line it seems that making a sugar cube igloo takes DAYS as you need to let it set, paste it, reset...yadda yadda.

Can you see I'm REALLY looking forward to this?  Any advice or eskimos/polar bears/fake snow is more than welcome - can the world of blogging/twitter help me out here????

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday nights all right for dancing......

This is for Carole - a.k.a New Mummy Tips.  She doesn't do a linky or a meme and this is why I love it......Tonight Carole, I dedicate this to you xx

You can Dance......

SAM's Homemade BBQ Sauce

I LOVE my butcher, I mean not physically LOVE but he is great, informative and puts up with my ridiculous questions.  (Cheek as in cheek on the face, not the bum for example) Anyway, I digress..he is brilliant and does the BEST ribs...

Here's my failsafe recipe for perfect ribs:

Homemade BBQ Sauce (if you can't be faffed, then buy Weber) but really this is so easy...

  • i small onion very finely chopped
  • 3 cloves of crushed garlic
  • Splash of olive oil
  • 1 red chilli finely chopped and de-seeded
  • 2oz dark brown sugar
  • 50ml dark soy sauce
  • 300ml Heinz (must be) tomato sauce
  • Salt and pepper to season
How to make:

1) Fry the onion and garlic in Olive oil with the chilli and sugar
2) Add soy and ketchup and season.
3) Bring to the boil and then store in a pot in the fridge.

The best way to cook ribs is to simmer them first for about 45 mins (if you got big, juicy ones) then let them cool down and wash them to get rid of the fat.  Coat them in your BBQ sauce and then roast slowly in the oven or BBQ


Friday, 18 February 2011

5 things that make you feel Good

One of my favourite bloggers is Scottish Mum and she has tagged me in a GREAT meme - it's called 5 things that make you feel good.  I wish I knew how to get the badge, I have tried and tried but can't do it so please hop over to her blog and grab it if you can! 

Here is what Scottish Mum has to say:

"I have seen lots of posts about what we struggle with, or things that we like to do, and I’d like to find out a bit more information about all of you.
This is my way of doing it.  I am looking forward to visiting some of you on the blog hop.

What you cannot choose.  The Rules are Simple

We all know that blogging / facebook, & or twitter  is in our arena of what we like to do, so I am going to rule them out as one of the 5 that you can post about.  They really are not very girly.    Likewise, phones, computers, ipads are all out of the running.
 I am challenging myself to this, as I am really not a girly girly type of person, and I want to find that within myself.   It’s not all about power suits, filofaxes, ipads and designer phones.
If you want to pass this along, pick bloggers that you want to find out more about, and challenge them to write up their 5 secret passions that make them feel good.  The idea is to lift our spirits this week.  The fact that there is a linky added, just makes it all the more worthwhile in doing"

Well said Scottish Mum!!!

SO here are my 5 things:

1) I love my teeth!!  Despite HAW calling me tombstone teeth, I love them!  They are straight and since I gave up smoking 8 years ago and invested in the most amazing whitening toothpaste (Blanx) they are bright white.  I love them and I love smiling, even if they are rather on the large side.

2) I adore pampering myself - As time is my currency nowadays I love nothing more than locking the bathroom door, having a long, hot soak with luxurious candles and a good book.  I really love buying and trying new products.  It's all about using all five senses (well maybe not taste, you wouldn't want to eat a moisturiser but you get what I mean).

3) I have GREAT knockers.  There, I said it..nothing more to add on that (although not quite as perky as pre kids with a great bra they are still knockout (but no running or I'll knock myself out!)

4) Hats - I have a beautiful cloche, grey felt hat with a big purple felt flower on the front.  I picked it up for 50p in the charity shop.  I had seen it in the Plumo catalogue the season before for over £100.  It is amazing and makes me feel like a 20s heroine every time I wear it.

5) My confidence - I am finally (finally!) happy in my own skin.  If you don't like me, so what, get over it, it is your problem.   If you judge me for how I speak, what I wear, how I look, I JUST DON'T CARE.   If I teach my kids just one lesson in life it will be inner confidence and self peace.

Amen to that.

I am tagging the following people in this @helloitsgemma @iheartmotherhood @chocorangecitymum @fastandluce @cafebebe @cosmicgirlie @manicmum4 @froginthefield @netcurtains @mmelindor

anywhere else a script is not allowed (eg. buzz) as an image, opening in a new page

I have to share this with you.............

I have been addicted to Lancome Mascara for years.  Nothing, but nothing came close...every single Lancome mascara was fab from Hypnose to L'Extreme they were all fabulous -  no flaking, no smudging and big, bad fat lashes were always guaranteed.  They were always at the forefront of mascara technology - and I worshipped at the vibrating mascara altar when they bought out their oscillating one. 

I never thought another brand would come close, and believe you me, over the years I did try other brands (like to keep it fresh and all) but I always came back to Lancome.

The other day I was in Boots stocking up on another staple (I really must blog about my fail safe products)  the No7 Protect and Perfect Serum and was given a £5 off voucher - on an impulse (and it always is with me) I picked up the No7 new mascara which is called Exquisite Curl.  It had a £3 off launch promo so add that to my £5 off mascara, It cost me £5.

It was the best £5 I have ever spent.  Not only do I have big, bad, fat lashes, they also curl up which renders my eyelashes curlers to the back of my make up box (yes Box!).  I have had so many people comment on my eyelashes and I can report that it doesn't smudge or flake.

AS to whether or not it will replace my Lancome mascara obsession, time will tell but if you are looking for a great value, high performance mascara, you can't go wrong with the Exquisite Curl.

I would LOVE to know what you think!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My name is SAM and I am a beautyaholic

There, I've said it.  It's here for everyone to see and I can't deny it anymore.  I am addicted to beauty products. It all started two decades ago, when as a young, impressionable teenager, I got my first Saturday job as a make up girl in Boots. 

I was on the cusp of womanhood and my boss was an Amazonian called Sara who was a real beauty.  Being ten years older than me and with a boyfriend (yes, a real life boyfriend) who had a motorbike, I thought she was the bees knees. 

Our store was in a quiet town which gave her plenty of opportunity to teach me the ropes and believe you me, I swung from those ropes like you wouldn't believe.  This was the 1980's and Toyah Wilcox OTT make up was all the rage, I however, stuck to pearlised blue eyeshadow and frosty pink lipstick. 

When I finally got a job in the heady world of TV in the early 1990s the beauty world really opened up to me.  Again, being the youngest by a long way in an office full of Dynastyesque glamour pusses I was introduced to the beauty halls of Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nicks as well as Duty Free lounges across the world.  I quite literally had bags and bags full of Bonus time goodies but still my quest for the ultimate bronzer, cleanser, moisturiser or concealer continued.   The 90's may have been the decade for grunge, but for me it was all about glamour.  Now please don't go thinking I am the Bet Lynch of Blogging, oh no, no no, far from it, my quest is for products that can enhance what nature gave me.  Highlighters, curling mascaras and bronzers are my best friends.

I am still on that journey, I enjoy spoiling myself with a long, luxurious bath every night and then the ritual (as yes that is what it is) of cleansing, toning and moisturising.  I love trying new colours and new products and if that equates to being a beautyaholic, then I am guilty as charged! 

Sterimar a miracle!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Sterimar Baby in the UK. Now I must have been a very bad person in a past life, as I have a serious mental aversion to snotty noses, yet have been "blessed" with three snotty nosed children for most of the winter months.

I seriously have to get HAW to deal with crusty noses and even writing this now is making me feel queasy. In fact, I have been known to gag on wiping noses, and freak out if I can't find a tissue.


The launch was at one of my favourite restaurants, Nobu in the Metropolitan Hotel Park Lane. Despite my initial misgivings about the talk of you know what, I was curious to find out more about Sterimar as if there is something out there that can stop the sniffles (a much politer word than snot and less gag inducing for me) then I was game to find out more!

Sterimar launched in the 1970's in France and is widely used across the Continent. It is a 100% natural, sea water (from the Normandy coast oyster farm region) nasal spray which is specifically designed to clear and unblock little noses from 0-3 years old. It is anti-histamine free, steroid free and has no preservatives or additives. It has no known side effects which as any mum knows is always very important when it comes to our little ones. It is also isotonic.

Now despite drinking isotonic drinks, I don't really know what that means - well Dr Catherine Hood was on hand and explained that Isotonic means that the solution has the same concentration of salt as human body cells, therefore more effective than saline solutions.

The water is then purified and filtered and put into a handy squirty can that can be used from all angles.

The concept is a brilliant one, we currently use Olbas Oil and Menthol Crystals to humidify and decongest so I am thrilled that there is a new product on the market that is actually a lot easier and quicker to use. I have put this next to the toothpaste with the aim of using this 2x a day when the children have colds. All three of them were absolutely fine with me squirting it up their noses this morning (with Pixie saying "Tickles mummy") and if it stops the colds and dripping noses, then I will be one happy lady for not having to deal with "sniffles".

As for Pixie, she had a great day out - I think I am going to have to watch her as she clearly has refined tastes, she shunned the baby food on offer and instead scoffed more Rock Lobster tempura and Black Cod than anyone else in the room!

We were invited to the event and everything was complimentary, the views expressed here however, are entirely my own!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Reasons to be cheerful - 1,2,33...Week 6

This is the first time I have taken part in this as I keep meaning to do so, but don't get around to it!

It's a lovely idea and a great way to meet new bloggers.  Here are my reasons:

1) My husband is a workaholic, he set up a newspaper in 2005 that has a readership of over 200k a day.  It's a London paper that is doing very, very well.  I am so proud of him but consequently he is not around much in the week as it is work hard, play hard culture.  However, he called me today, to say that not only was he getting home early tonight to bath the kids, but that he had taken Monday off work so he could take his two favourite girls me out for the day (me and the Pixie).  No idea what he has planned but I shall fill you in!

2) Beansey had a maths test and got 98/100.  The highest in his class and I am so, so proud of him as he obviously doesn't take after his mum when it comes to maths!!

3) Beau Bo has also had a GREAT week at school,  he is a mega chatterbox and has been on the "cloud" for non stop talking and not listening.  This week however, the teacher said he has been a pleasure to teach!

4) I have the BEST parents ever.  They are so involved with my children and are the best parents/grandparents you could ever wish for.  This week my lovely mum has taken Pixie to an adventure park and they have offered to have them for a sleepover so we can go to a friends party.

5) I have been contacted this week by various PR's looking to work with me.  Having spent the last 18 years in media I am so excited to see where social media can take me. 

I feel very blessed and so, so lucky!!!

If you want to count your blessings, then please do so here Reasons to be Cheerful

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Win a beautiful, Vintage 50s dress.......(sob)

I am a lover of all things vintage, I collect glass perfume bottles and I love the glamour of Hollywood past.  Vintage has seen a massive rise in popularity with stylists embracing the past to recreate a new look and this is something I was doing long before it became "fashionable". 

Sadly, three children in five years and a (finally!)diagnosed under active thyroid has promoted a massive change in my body shape.  Gone are the body con dresses of yesteryear, replaced instead with tunics and leggings, the staple "mumpreneur" uniform that most of my contemporaries seem to favour.  I love this style as it is easy, comfortable and hides a multitude of sins.

However, it has left me with a wardrobe bursting at the seams and I have decided to let one of you lovely readers win one of my favourite pieces.  I bought this 15 (ish) years ago at an Antique fair in Battersea Arts Club.  I fell in love with it instantly.  It is a gorgeous example of 50s splendour with a nipped in waist and a full, stiff underskirt.  It has amazing detail, a big, black bow on the front and a beautiful pleated, concertina seam at the back.  It is a generous 12 and fairly tight across the bust.

It has been to Ladies Day at Ascot (accompanied with a HUGE black, Holly Golightly Hat) a wedding in the South of France which ended up with me playing craps in the Monte Carlo casino with a F1 player, and a beautiful Tuscan wedding.  

Now, I could sell this on ebay or to a collector, but I have decided that I would much rather give it away to someone who will love it as much as I do.   Therefore, please only enter if you would wear this or perhaps if you have a daughter who would.  You will get bad dress karma if you sell this gorgeous dress, I promise you that!!!!!!!

If you would like to win this, here is what you need to do:

1) Follow this blog and comment below telling me who your style icon is and why
2) follow me on twitter @superamazingmum and tweet "I have entered to win a vintage 50s dress with @superamazingmum

I will choose my 5 favourite style icons from your answers below, stick them in a hat, (vintage of course!) and then pick out a name.  This closes on the 30th March 2011.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Relax Kids - A Review....

The thing I love about twitter is that you quite literally tweet with people you don't know, have a quick 5 minute conversation and the foundation of a friendship is formed.  I have been tweeting with one such lovely lady, Marneta Viegas or @relaxkids for a while now and she asked me if I would like to review one of her CD's which aid relaxation and stress management techniques. 

Unfortunately for the boys, they both seem to have inherited my hot temper - HAW is so chilled out he is virtually horizontal, but I have always been a hot head and it seems as if the boys are set to follow.  As a grown up I have learnt to rein it in but asking a 7 and 4 year old to do the same is near on impossible.  

The CD introduces children to relaxation and stress management techniques by getting them to imagine that they are the characters in fairytales.  This CD has amongst others, Aladdin on his magical, flying carpet, Peter Pan and Jack and The beanstalk.    Each relaxation track is set to music and you absolutely must listen to Marneta's voice as it soothes the quickest of tempers.

Not only is it a good relaxation/calming down CD, it also has lots of positive affirmations which if you are listening at bedtime can't be a bad thing.  Where this CD has come into its own though for us, is on the school run.  We are always stressed and fraught in the mornings and to get into the car and put on the CD instantly calms everyone (but more so me!) and leads to us discussing how we are all feeling  and definitely helps the boys get into the right frame of mind for learning.

I have actually passed the CD onto a friend who is having dreadful problems with her son at bedtime.  He has been unable to "switch off" since starting school in September but after only 3 days of using the CD he is a different child and she is finding bedtimes relatively stress free.  Long may that continue.

Please have a look at Marenta's website here Relax Kids where you will find lots of free downloads and reviews.  She is also a fabulous, chatty tweeter and I am sure she would love to "tweet" you all.

Listography - 5 things for valentines.....

One of my favourite meme's is Listography - Kate takes 5 whereby the lovely Kate comes up with a  topic and we have to take 5.  This week, with Valentines around the corner, the topic is 5 things I would like this valentines, so without further ado (waffle!) here are mine:

1) A lie-in with HAW

How lovely would this be?!  Gone are the days when we used to have a leisurely lie-in with coffee and the papers, now we are lucky to wake up in the bed without a little wriggling person in between us!  Having three kids this happens frequently.  What I find ironic is that even if the kids are at my parents, neither of us can sleep in and are awake by 7am anyway.  Crazy!

2) A new wedding ring.  I must blog about what happened to HAW and I in the Maldives.  It really is funny looking back now but we *must* replace those rings!!!

3) Flowers - I adore flowers and HAW is very good at buying them "just because".  However, he has never, ever, sent them to me via Interflora.  It must be his Scottish Blood!  I would so LOVE to open the door to a massive bouquet.

4) If we are talking about price being irrelevant, I would dearly LOVE a chanel 2.25.  *swoon*

5) A live in housekeeper - This would make my life so much easier, meaning I could spend more time with HAW.

Happy Valentines day Lovely People!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Magpie Monday

The lovely Lizzy at  Me and My Shadow blog has come up with a meme that is my sort of thing!  It's called Magpie Monday and it's basically a chance to show of your treasures that other people have thought of as trash! 

My lovely mum has always been a bit of a magpie, not only at things like charity shops and car boot sales but she can walk into TK Maxx and find a gem amongst the the rails. 

All her rummaging must have had some effect on me though, as I now love a charity shop and fortunately for me there are lots close by.  However, I'll save some of my charity shop finds for next week and instead share my first ever skip find.  I blogged about it here Rich beyond my wildest dreams and I am happy to say that it is currently being reframed and artcare glass added. 

How about a challenge?  £5 budget and see who gets the best find??! 

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Are you a winner???

The 4 lucky ladies who have won tickets to the baby show are:

Jennifer @jlou100

Can you please email me your address so I can send out ASAP.  Please email superamazingmum at yahoo dot co dot uk (hope that makes sense!!)

Would love to hear all about it!!!


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sleep is for the weak.......

Ok, hands up, I admit it.  I have been a "smug mum" these last seven years when it comes to children and sleep.  It wasn't always that way, as the first 12 weeks of Beansey's life was a sleep deprived nightmare, with a colicky, constantly breast feeding, bundle of cuteness and not the cosy, cuddly world of a newborn that the magazines lead you to believe (Ha, Ha).

I was struggling with the lack of routine and in desperation turned to "The Contented Baby" by Gina Ford which totally polarises parents but for me was an absolute sanity saver.  I realise that when you first read it, it comes across as very regimental, but out of desperation, we followed the feeding and sleeping parts of the routine and our lives were transformed.  

If you are not aware of the book, she advocates nonsense such as leaving a baby to cry it out, and putting them into their own room from birth which is something we couldn't do, but in terms of structuring feeding and sleeping it was magic and worked for us.  

Needless to say, I used the same method for Beau Bo and Pixie and know countless others that have followed our less rigid version with great success.   As a result of this routine, all of my kids have always been great sleepers.  They still go to bed at 7pm and sleep for 12 hours, they have all slept after lunch for 2 hours until the age of 3 and I get some much needed time out in the middle of the day!

However, since moving Pixie into a "big girl's bed" we have had nothing but problems (and no, we can't put the cot back up as passed it onto a friend).  At first,  she relished in the fact she had a B.G.B (Big girls Bed) but very quickly realised that she could leave her bedroom.  This is not good as we worry about her falling down stairs etc etc.  Our house is an old Victorian one and so we have irregular sized door frames, therefore a stair gate won't fit across her door. 

We have resorted to wedging the door with an old tea towel.  She still goes down like a dream at night, but from around 430am starts to wake up and we can't work out why!  She cries, loudly, then starts to wail "Mummy/Daddy bed, Mummy/Daddy bed".  We ignore and she changes her tactics by banging on the door.   Obviously we don't want her to wake the boys and so I then go into her.  She then says "Morning Mummy, downstairs".  This is her at 5:15am. Cute eh?!

This isn't a one off, this is every single night and I am at a loss as to what to do.  I have tried the following:

1) Cutting down her daytime nap - this doesn't work as she is up so early and needs this sleep.  If she doesn't have it, she is then wanting to go to bed at 5pm. 
2) Sleeping in her bed with her when she wakes up.  She has a cot bed.  I am 5ft 6inches and not a skinny minny.  This works for her, but not for me.
3) Ignoring her - she gets louder and louder, eventually waking the boys.
4) Bringing her into bed with us.  She then faffs about and doesn't sleep, wanting to go downstairs.
5) Putting her back into bed and trying the "sh, sh, sh" method.

HELP!!!!  Can anyone see where we are going wrong or is this just my punishment for being so smug about sleeping in the past?!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Cybermummy 2011 - I need a sponsor

Dear Potential Sponsor,

I would LOVE to go to Cybermummy 2011.   It's the benchmark for all mummy bloggers and the key note speaker this year, is the lovely, inspirational Sarah Brown.  Despite only blogging since October 2010, I was  humbled and honoured to be nominated by fellow bloggers as a finalist in the Brilliance in Blogging fresh voice of 2010 category. 
I would love to be your eyes and ears at Cybermummy 2011 and as I love networking it would be great to act as the representative for your brand.  I have a great understanding of brand development and positioning having worked in advertising for the last 20 years (gulp) and would love to formulate a social media strategy in conjunction with you.
In exchange for the cost of the CyberMummy ticket and transport (approximately £250) I would be happy, for the duration of the sponsorship, to 
  • display any company Logos or banners on my blog
  • publish dedicated blog posts for brand launches/specific products
  • provide company link in any posts relating to CyberMummy
  • review any products on my blog, including publishing videos to my YouTube channel
  • host competitions/giveaways
  • give mentions on Facebook and Twitter
On the day, I can wear sponsored, branded clothing or badges and if  anyone asks me for information I will be able to provide samples/literature/money off vouchers etc
I would even be prepared to host/speak at an after show party/lunch which could be incorporated into a blogger press launch if this is something that you think is relevant.
If any of the above tickles your fancy, then please do get in touch with me.
Thank you so much!
Love S.A.M xx