Sunday, 11 December 2011

White Rabbit England

Growing up as a child in the 70s, I had the most enchanting night light that was basically an illuminated fairy toadstool that was made from china and hand painted.  It was truly delightful and I was the envy of my friends who all thought it was super cute!   It cast a soft and comforting light around the room and I remember always trying to catch the fairies and elves out by peering into the window and down the chimney, I was convinced they were real - I do believe in fairies, I do, I do, I do!

It seems that the fear of the dark (or an over active imagination, you decide) runs in the family as my little Pixie is now a holy terror at bedtime coming out with such gems as "no like the dark, Mr Tumble will knock on the door" and "I scared of the wicked witch".  So yes, I can conclude that too much cbeebies and "Wizard of Oz" viewing goes on in our house quite clearly!

We were sent a Rabbit Cottage Night Light from the gorgeous sisters Charlotte and Victoria over at White Rabbit England to review recently and being a lover of all things eclectic, I totally fell in love with the rabbit cottage night light as it instantly took me back to being a child with my toadstool night light!

It was beautifully made from bone china and hand painted and glazed, but best of all, it had 2 teeny tiny rabbits inside the house.  I put it into the Pixie's bedroom as a surprise for bedtime.

She was instantly transfixed, talking to the rabbits inside and showing them her bracelet.  I explained that the rabbits in their little china house were there to look after her at bedtime and she really like that idea.  In fact, it's probably best if I leave the rest of the review over to Pixie.  


The night light retails at £49 and recently won the gift of the year award.  The white rabbit England brand also has a lovely range of cushions, bedding and gifts and more will be added in 2012.  I am already a huge fan and would be happy to fall down the rabbit hole with them!

Peace and Love


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  1. How wonderful. I had a glowing toadstool thingamiggy too if I remember correctly. In your daughter's defence Mr Tumble can be quite scary. Especially when he dresses up as a woman!


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