Monday, 12 December 2011

Santa at Selfridges

Today our school was closed  so the teachers could do their Christmas shopping  for an inset day and after taking the boys to the skate park this morning which was a massive hit as all the sulky teens were obviously at school we picked the Pixie up from pre school, scooted home for a quick lunch of beef bourginon and then headed on the train to London.

Bearing in mind we get on the tube at Wimbledon, by Putney Bridge this is what I was faced with:

All that fresh air had obviously exhausted them (or perhaps a late night sleepover at my parents the night before maybe?!) and so I relished in 20 minutes of "me" time before fighting my way up the stairs at Edgware Road for the walk to Selfridges.  We arrived and even though it was a school day for most, it seemed that lots of parents had let their kids have the day off and we had to book our tickets for 5:20pm leaving us with over an hour and a half to kill.  Well that was straight to the beauty hall for me (using the Big Man himself as a bribe for good behaviour) and I somehow managed to buy myself a new MAC lipstick and bottle of perfume - Gardenia by Jo Loves which is Jo Malone's new range, all four flavours (I'm sure Jo will correct me on my terminology!) are lovely and very different which made it very difficult to pick a favourite!   If you want a luxurious yet unique and long lasting scent, you know where to go!

Anyway, the time came and we headed downstairs where we were met by the uber organised clipboard elfs who told us our name was down, we were coming in and they whisked away our buggy.  The group allocated at 17:20pm consisted of 10 children who were all given name badges and were entertained by three gorgeous ballet dancers that had our Pixie transfixed!

We then entered the Winter Wonderland and our first port of call was to snow princess who had all the children sitting in a circle as she told them all about the "sounds of Christmas".  There was lots of interaction and every child was encouraged to press a button to hear a sound!  We then caught a colour to make a wish and headed into the fairy kingdom..........

In the Fairy kingdom each child was encouraged to make a wish before heading to see a very special surprise in the form of a real life Jack in the Box - he made lots of the children jump (and one of 2 of the parents!) and spent a long time asking them all questions - the kids were all totally lost in the moment, it was magical!

make a wish for the fairies!

whats in the box?

It was then time for the main event and we were all led into a very plush and luxurious room where the kids sat on beanbags on the floor and us parents were on sofas...Santa then had a list of every childs wishes and knew what they were hoping for and what they were into - Beansey couldn't believe that Santa knew he had won Man of the Match at the weekend and BoBo was transfixed that Santa knew he wanted a JD bug.  He took a long time to talk to all the children and it was very unrushed.  He called my 3 up and had a little chat with them about being good and going to bed - I don't know how he knew that!

We then had photos and a cheeky snowball fight on the way out with Frosty the Snowman as real snowflakes fluttered down.  

We then hopped into black cab (not easy when you are loaded down with bags!) and headed to Wagamamas for a spot of supper before heading home.  It was a truly magical day I really hope that the kids will treasure the memory as much as I will!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx


  1. Aw wow that sounds like a really lovely afternoon, I am in the process of writing a post "frightened of Santa" because Little Bean is absolutely terrified of him and I don't know why. She won't even watch him in a movie? I would love to be able to take the children to something like this but I fear it would just be a waste of money and we would never make it to the end :(

    PS. love the way you 'just happened' to buy yourself a few beauty bits ;)

  2. This sounds awesome - I want to go there with Aaron now. Do you think they're doing it again this year - I will try to find out. Thanks for the top tip. My SIL recently went to Harrods but this sounds better xxx


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