Friday, 23 December 2011

Kinder Surprise meets Happy Feet 2

The last time I was handed glow sticks, in a room full of lasers and smoke, with loud music blaring out from huge speakers was circa 1994 in a warehouse somewhere off the M25 and as we entered One Mayfair, this was exactly what we were faced with.  Was I trying to recapture the days of my youth in the lead up to Christmas?  No siree I wasn't, but we were lucky enough to be invited by Kinder Surprise for a wonderful fun packed afternoon culminating with a screening of Happy Feet 2.

One Mayfair is a building with history - it was originally built as a church in the 1800s and despite being de-consecrated in the 1970s it still showed of it's majestic neo-classical splendour.  The ice rink was placed in the middle of what would have been the congregation and after a very quick chat with Rosie Scribble and her beautiful daughter I was dragged, nay pulled onto the ice rink by my three intrepid skaters.  I have to say, I was dreading this part, we took all three of them skating last year at Tower Bridge and it was a disaster.  None of them could skate, they all got cold and HAW pulled his knee so the thought of trying to hold three of them up was not appealing to say the least.  In fact, I was hoping that Dulwich Mum would have her au pair with her so I could borrow one of her arms to help me hold them up.   The traffic however ,had other ideas as Bea was very fashionably late!  I did catch a glimpse of her perfectly coiffured hair as I was dashing to the loo but that was it, no chance for a gossip and catch up which I was so looking forward to - next time!

The best thing about the ice rink is that it was FAKE.  Yes dear reader, this was  no ordinary ice rink as I was able to walk on the "ice" in my biker boots without any fear of falling over yet the children were able to "skate" . This was superb for the kids as it meant that even though they did fall, it wasn't cold and not to painful!  It was a really magical place to be, fake snow, Christmas songs (Beansey sang "Last Christmas" all the way home) and as much face painting and balloon modelling as you wanted.  I was ever so slightly worried at one point as both the boys were quite literally flinging themselves around the rink as their confidence grew, skating backwards and doing jumps without any fear.  Pixie initially was very hesitant, she kept falling over (no tears!) but with some support from the lovely Jess who works for Kinder, she was soon on her feet and giving Jane Torvill a run for her money.  In fact, she did so well, she won "best skater" and Beansey won "Best Dancer" for his attempts at "Body popping on ice".  They were loving the ice and snow so much, that the face painting didn't even get a look in.   After an hour or so, it was time for the viewing and the ice rink was turned into a cosy den with pillows and blankets and of course, popcorn!  

I thought the movie was a bit dis-jointed in places and despite having a stellar cast with a great soundtrack, it didn't really flow like the inaugural film.  The "bromance" between two Krill (voiced by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt) is a bit of a sub plot within the main story and it isn't really connected to the overall film.  They do get the best singing bits though with a bit of Wham and Rick Astley - 80s cheese at it's best!!!!  The global message didn't go unnoticed either and their was a touching scene between mother and son but overall, I wasn't that impressed. 

When I asked the kids afterwards what they thought, they didn't rave about it.  Beansy who is 8 said "It was ok, not as good as the first film" and BoBo said "It was a 7 out of 10". In fact, they were more taken with the ice skating and wanted to know when they could do it again.  

There was a HUGE pile of kinder eggs (toys only) which the children were allowed to help themselves to (fabulous, kept them entertained on the train home) and of course some chocolate eggs which were given to me to safeguard.  I have always been a fan of Kinder Surprise Eggs and more recently the Maxi bars as they are the ideal size for a child sized treat with the added bonus of a surprise toy - a perfect combination!  The children had been so beautifully behaved that I let them scoff them on the way home.  A great end to a great day!


Merry Christmas!

Peace and Love


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