Monday, 26 December 2011

Getting Fit with Next and Davina McCall

I have always been a bit of an exercise fact, since starting gymnastics aged 3, not a week has gone by without me flinging myself around a Body Combat or pump class or running through a park.  I set myself the ultimate goal of running the London Marathon in 2009 but halfway through training, I broke my big toe.  Now, breaking a toe is NOT conducive to any form of exercise regime and so, having gone from a fit, 4 times a week exerciser, for the first time in my life, I didn't do a thing.

Initially this REALLY frustrated me, but as I was setting up my own business and discovering social media my hours were soon filled and before I knew it, I was *out* of the exercise cycle.

I am now back at the point where I need to kick start my exercise again - I have felt really unhealthy/sluggish this past year and due to having an under-active thyroid and metabolism of a 70 year old, the weight has piled on.  I am on a heavy dose of Thyroxine but to kick start (increase) my metabolism, I need to exercise.   By increasing my metabolic rate, I will reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass and consequently the metabolism will increase and aid my weight loss process.  This is down to the simple fact that muscle tissue uses more calories than fat tissue because it has a higher metabolic rate!

Next have collaborated with Davina McCall to launch a new shoe and fitness collection which will provide the ultimate workout clothing along with a range of innovative everyday shoes which feature F.I.T technology the reduce stress on load bearing joints whilst providing support.   These shoes are by far the sexiest things in the ever exploding range of "fitness shoes" and as a MBT and FitFlop devotee, it is lovely to see some pretty shapewear.  

Next are also launching an exclusive blogger campaign to get fit and if I am lucky enough to be selected, I will be posting my progress and of course my fitness styling tips throughout the month.  The whole range is stylish and affordable and I like the way you can mix pieces from the collection and still look lovely.  My favourite piece from the collection has to be the black joggers as they have a place for the MP3 - essential for when out running!!

I am really excited about getting back my physical fitness and will be blogging weekly about my success.

If you would like to join me on my journey, then please leave a comment and we can get fit and healthy together!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


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  2. Well done you! I need to join you next year and return to exercise. I have no reasons or valid excuses for not exercising - I have been plain lazy and lacking willpower, hence I am the heaviest I have ever been and don't look good in my jeans! Are you going to have a link up get fit thing on your blog?? x x


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