Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fighting at the Nativity Play

What is *EARTH* is going on people?!!

I have just got back from the upper school nativity play and I was gob smacked to see that the queue to get in was snaking back around the block.  I had to drop the boy at the front where I casually asked "Wow, you must have been here since school finished" to which a mum replied "just over an hour".  

JUST OVER AN HOUR?!! Are you kidding me?!

You have stood, in the freezing cold, just so you can get a seat at the front?!  

Then, the church doors open and people are positively *SPRINTING* to get to a front pew? 

I was ever so proud of my boy (a King) and of course, whilst it would be nice to be at the front, it is not the be all and end all.  It's all about being there to support the kids surely?!  So long as they know you are there, watching and supporting them, then that surely is the main thing?!

To make matters worse a mum then said (quite loudly) my son has a STAR role you know.


It was a lovely service, all the kids did a fabulous job and the head was incredible in her praise and support for the church but it saddened me to see this need/competition to have prime spot.   

I didn't get any photos (too far away) but I really enjoyed the whole performance and it will live in my memory forever.

Well done Sonny xxxx

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Familiar scene up and down the country this next couple of weeks I imagine. Is the same here sadly.

  2. This is normal behaviour for suburban parents. At my children's prep school a clique of mums used to send the poorest, and therefore most dependent, of them to the church early to save three seats at the front for them!

    And this is NOTHING to the nastiness one encounters at the lusher secondary schools!

  3. It's never been too mad at my girl's school - touch wood - and as long as I can see her and she knows I'm there I'm happy. Have noticed PTA mums tend to get the top seats!!


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