Friday, 11 November 2011

The Perfect Child

I have always thought that my kids are ever so slightly bonkers (well, have you seen the parents ;-) and their latest little game proves this!  I was stupid brave enough to have three children close in age, when the Pixie was born I had 3 under 5 which was and still is, incredibly hard work.  The boys in particular are always bickering and trying to see who is "top dog".  I think it is because they are both so competitive by nature that they are constantly trying and fighting to be the "alpha male".  It drives me nuts!

Anyway, their latest game is called "Perfect child" and get this, they are bickering to see who can be my "Perfect child"

The rules of the game are this should you feel like encouraging your kids to play:

1) You must do as mummy says, first time you are asked
2) You must bring your cereal bowl from the dining room into the kitchen without being asked
3) You must keep your room spotless and put away all your toys
4) You must leave your shoes by the door and hang your coat up
5) You must get dressed and brush your teeth with no faffing about

If you do all of the above without fussing and faffing, you are allowed to walk around the house saying "I'm mummy's perfect child"

It then usually goes something like this:

Beansy "Oh look, I'm mummy's perfect child, all dressed with no fussing"
BoBo "NO, I'm mummy's perfect child, I brushed my teeth"
Pixie: "NOOOOO, I Mummy's perfect child" (not sure she quite gets it yet)

They are always my perfect kids, arguing or otherwise!!!

They then go to bicker before one of them will say "Actually, perfect children don't argue" and sit there being lovely to each other.

I LOVE this game!

Are your kids competitive?  How do you deal with sibling rivalry??

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Aah that's great! I have three under 7 ; two boys and the youngest is a girl! The boys do drive me nuts and are soooo competitive!! But like you say they are perfect even if they are driving you completely crazy!!

  2. I need to initiate this game as soon as Bebe #2 is old enough to understand. I think you're on to a Dragon's Den winner here SAM! ;)

  3. What a great game! I must teach it to my children, although not so close in ages, bicker as well and makes me crazy sometimes

  4. I had 3 under 3 and half at one point! :-) hmmm...must teach them that game :-)

  5. Did your kids make this up themselves? I'm just trying to imagine the scene when they were making up the rules of the game.... Mine are more likely to be going down the Horrid Henry/Splatalot route (more of which coming in a post next week) - which does not end up with perfect children believe me... Will have to introduce this.... hmmmm might start with perfect daddy so they have an example to follow!

  6. Best game EVER!


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