Saturday, 5 November 2011

My last 24 hours

The last 24 hours have been CRAZY, MANIC, BUSY....How I can sit here with my eyes still open, who knows??!!!

So what have I been doing I hear you ask???

Here's a little sneaky peek into the life of S.A.M.......................

1) Dropped boys of at school, took Pixie to church to celebrate her birthday:

2) Went to work, picked the boys up from school, took a friends child to a tutor, home, homework, dinner, bath bed.  Procrastinated on twitter about having to bake not one, but two birthday cakes....faffed, tweeted, faffed some more and then got on with it........


Can you believe I was *stupid* enough to make one chocolate and one madeira???  Why, why, why didn't I do two chocolates??  Would have saved myself a lot of time and stress.  (DOn't look too closely at the cakes BTW ;-)

3) Up at 6am to ice cakes...Went to bed at 1am.  KNACKERED does not begin to describe it.

4) Kids to school, Pixie to nursery and off to Twickenham for a client viewing......home from work, pick kids up, change in car and head of to Wacky Warehouse for Beansey and Pixie's joint birthday party.   Hectic, crazy few hours, kids love it and then home for present opening.

Fall asleep on sofa at 830pm.

This is my crapola entry for today's #nablopomo where I have pledged to blog every day.

On that note, HAW just ran me a bath with all my Jo Malone bath oils.......

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx


  1. That's quite a schedule! Enjoy a relaxing, well deserved bath! xxx

  2. Those cakes are fab - but yes you are a nutter for not doing both as chocolate! I did a similar post last night when I realised I hadn't done one!


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