Friday, 25 November 2011

Making Waves for Alex - Please help if you can

A lot of you know by now that the beautiful, funny and wonderful Tamsyn from Manic Mum is going through a living hell due to her husband having suffered a horrific head injury playing rugby a few weeks ago.

She is a real, true life friend of mine and her bravery, courage and strength as she deals with the day to day mundane whilst keeping her spirits up for Alex and the children is beyond commendable.  She struggles, of course she does but her faith and love for her "lion" keeps her going, she is truly a lioness.

You can read her incredibly heart felt and moving posts on her blog here but please also take the time to read her posts pre the accident and you will see why she is such an amazingly special and very, very funny person.

The situation they find themselves in is not going to be a situation that changes rapidly overnight, it is a slow, slow process as Alex will have to re-learn how to do the basics such as breathing and swallowing and consequently, this is a recovery that will take years.  At some stage, they will need to leave their "french dream" and come back to the UK for Alex's rehabilitation.  Please have a look at the website that has been set up in Alex's name to keep people up to date.  You can also make a donation to his rehabilitation process Making Waves for Alex if you choose to do so.

I am also going to organise a bloggers lunch in conjunction with sponsors but this is in the early stages of planning and won't happen until next year.  I am looking at getting a company/companies to sponsor a bloggers lunch that I will charge bloggers to attend.  All proceeds will go to Alex's rehabilitation fund.

If you would like to help or have any other ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact me to discuss.

Thanks so much

Peace and Love



  1. what can i say?

    I LOVE YOU xxxxxxxxx

    thanku sweetheart.....xxxxx

  2. That is lovely, my name is Jo (Alex's sister) if there is anything I can do to help, then let me know. Thankyou so much. xx

  3. you made me cry. beautiful post and what an amazing person you are, sophie. your support is phenomenal. xxx

  4. I don't know those involved but my heart goes out for them i will do anything i can to help pplease do contact me Becky form

  5. What a lovely post. Will be making a donation as soon as I have my German bank account properly sorted. Emma xx

  6. sorry that was meant to say babybudgeting. had a little tear!


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