Saturday, 5 November 2011

The littlest Angel DVD Review

As the nights draw in and the days are shorter, we tend to spend one of the weekend afternoons snuggled up on the sofas with a roaring fire watching a film.  We were sent a copy of the littlest angel to review which was available on general release and download from the 10th October 2011.  

The film is based on the Charles Tazewell novel of the same title and the story is about a 5 year old angel who spends his days in Heaven looking for things that remind him of home rather than learning how to be an angel at the angel academy and growing his wings like all the other little angels.  All he wants to do is retrieve his treasure box with all his precious belongings and he takes off with Halo the dog on an adventure to bring it back in time for the angels first ever Christmas party.

We sat down to watch this and very quickly into the film, Beansey said "Mum, does that mean littlest is dead?  How did he die?  He is only the same age as BoBo".  This rather detracted from the storyline as my kids then wanted to know "how had the angels died?" and "where were their parents?"

Pixie at 3 was totally captivated and really enjoyed the film but the older two were not keen on the story and the question of child mortality.  So much so, that Beansy is still mentioning it and wanted to know "how sad are the parents".

It made for uncomfortable viewing - I wouldn't say that my boys were sensitive but the fact they picked up on the fact that littlest was in fact dead made for not very comfortable viewing, even though the story and animation is quite sweet.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

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  1. We had the same conservation about him being dead, but as the kids are older they processed the information and googled the original story. It is a really tragic tale. My girls did however enjoy the film and were touched by it. Strange mix of pathos and 'feel good' for a Xmas film. x


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