Monday, 7 November 2011

Listography - Top 5 teen crushes....

This weeks Listography is a cracker - your top 5 favourite teen crushes....this is going to take me a while to think of, because truth be told, I was so fickle I changed my mind from one day to the next!  I have *really* enjoyed compiling this list, but I have added a twist for my own amusement, a photo of them at the time of my crush and a photo of them now?!  Would I still *do* them given the opportunity??  Let's see...............

1) Luke Perry

Oh how I loved Beverly Hills 90210.  It was everything my life in Surrey Suburbia was NOT. Key to my love of this programme was my HUGE crush on Dylan played by Luke Perry.  He was a *bad boy* but oh, those smouldering looks........Fast forward 25 odd years, and yes, I still would!!!

2) Luke Skywalker - that floppy blonde hair, those penetration eyes and ever so squeaky voice as he defended the universe........OMFG........that is all.  I can't *believe* how different he looks....Now look at ya, the years in the wilderness have not been kind, so I'm afraid to say no way

3) Val Kilmer - oh you gorgeous, chisel cheeked young whiper you're all jowly and ginger?!! Ginger?!!  I thought you were blonde........for that reason and that reason only, you're out!

4) John Taylor

Ooooohhhh.....did I have it bad for Mr Taylor.  He was utterly gorgeous and I still think that today, I remember being very upset when he got together with Amanda de Cadanet!!!

5) Rob Lowe

My bedrooms walls were covered with pictures of the lush Rob Lowe...he is the only one of my teen crushes that I still think is hot to trot! 

Who were your teen crushes???  I have a while lot more but need to get the Pixie to her ballet class!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Love your take on this. Bit too much 'work' on the last one I'd say..

  2. I think Rob and Luke are still looking fine there.

  3. None of these are on my list but I sort of get John Taylor

  4. I soooo should have put Rob Lowe on my list, he still is amazing!

  5. I hated Amanada especially on the word.All the Duranie's seem to have opted for John and not Simon though.

  6. Oh, I forgot about Val!!! He was a cutie too (back when).

  7. oooohhh David Essex in the mid 70's but not now....hes old ( and no Im not!)

  8. hahahaha the before and after pictures are more than tragic. What the hell happened to Luke Skywalker? Was he left out in space a bit too long?


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