Friday, 25 November 2011

I'm a sterimar ambassador!

I am thrilled to announce that I am now an ambassador for Sterimar.  If you were at Cybermummy in the summer, you may have seen my grand entrance with 2 helium dolphin balloons, that sadly, I had to leave outside due to available space and logistics.  Here's a quick flashback..........

I was sponsored by Sterimar which was a brand I discovered and fell in love with a few months before and am now positively evangelic about.   It has gotten to the point where if I hear mums going on about their children having a cold/blocked nose then I rave on about Sterimar for at least 5 minutes.  It really is a miracle cure for any ailments that involve sneezes, blocked noses and congestion.

It is now part of our daily routine and we keep a tube with the toothpaste so that our routine is always teeth, squirt (the sterimar not the loo!) and then bed.  Since using it religiously pretty much every night before bedtime, my kids have not had a cold, runny nose or even been ill.

Coincidence?  Only time will tell as we batten down the hatches for another winter.

So, if your little one (or big one!) is struggling with a blocked nose, nasal congestion or just suffering from a cold (man flu) I suggest you head to your local chemist and get some of this miracle cure.  It really is superb.

Peace and Love



  1. As you know I am a MASSIVE fan tooooo xxx

  2. *waves* I'm another Sterimar blogger ambassador over at Madhouse Family Reviews. I've been tweeting with a few people who have had problems getting Sterimar up their squirmy toddlers noses, so I shared my experiences here : Hope this helps some of your readers too. Love the balloons by the way !


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