Thursday, 10 November 2011

Here's a picture of Miss Stroppy Knickers

Oh Pixie, Oh beautiful baby girl............You seem to have turned 3 and turned into a little monkey! What's going on kiddo?!!  All these strops over the silliest of things......I just have to post these two photos to show you when you're bigger what you were like!!!

This was all because I wouldn't let you have a lollipop (horrible things, they rot your teeth!) and you flung yourself across the park with your water bottle and kept looking at me for effect!

I LOVE you so, so much but these strops got to keep it real kiddo!!!

Love you to the moon and back, stroppy knickers!!!

Peace and Love

Mummy xxx


  1. Aw, been there. It makes your heart bleed to see them this way though :O(
    Mine looked awful after he cried his heart out because his sister borrowed his (hers actually) chair for a mere 30 seconds.

  2. I have to try not to laugh when K has a tantrum, she can be so over dramatic! Like you say it's usually over the simplest of things.

  3. love the expression "stroppy knickers". One of the best things about blogs is the fact its a history for the children to look back on in years to come. And all I can say is if you think she can be a "stoppy knickers" at 3 wait till shes 14!!


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