Sunday, 6 November 2011

Funniest PR request EVER...............

This has just landed in my inbox.......................


My name is Jack. I'm the author of a popular guide called "Jack's Blowjob Lessons" ( you can Google it ), I ran into your blog ( site ) and I believe that your readers might find my guide valuable. Please tell me if it is possible to write a guest article on your blog ( site ) and/or do you write book reviews? If yes, I can send you a copy. 

Thanks in advance,

So, any of my readers want me to review on their behalf ;-)

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Oh wow. That is brilliant!! You have to do it!! Go on....

  2. That's amazing! I wonder what his e-mail response rate is!

  3. If my parents didn't read it, absolutely. But they do. And if I wrote about that, I would never live it down - plus she arrives in London on Tuesday! x

  4. Oh pick me pick me!

  5. Oh yes, you have to do it. For the team.

  6. I want to know if you replied to "Jack" or are you contemplating on what to say? Go for it!

    CJ xx

  7. Well it's important to keep learning throughout our lives...


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