Monday, 28 November 2011

Conquering your fears a child's perspective

My beautiful Beansey at 8 years old is growing up fast.  I have really seen a big change in him these past 6 months and he has matured both mentally and emotionally and is a pleasure to parent most of the time, he really is.  We have our "moments" (of course we do) and I am still trying to work out if we clash as we are alike or if we clash as we are opposites - time will tell!!

He has conquered two big fears these past two weeks alone.  We go to the Skate Park a lot and he is great at whizzing around and doing tricks on his scooter but he has stood on the edge of the big bowl for the whole of the summer (must be at least 100 times, just standing there, looking down) every time we go he will say "I'll do it today Mummy" but he stands at the edge and then chickens out (and who can blame him, it is very steep).  

However, he was so desperate to do this and instead of talking about doing it, he just went and did it the last time we were in the park!!  Well after that there was no stopping him and he has encouraged and supported so many of his friends as they face the same fear, I was ever so proud of him for just getting out there, facing his fear and living life!

This weekend he was invited to a climbing party and he was really worried before hand asking things like "what happens if the rope snaps?" and "how do I know that they have fitted the safety line properly" and I just knew once we saw how high the wall was, that he wouldn't go past the first ledge.

freaking out and bricking it

Yay, made it to the first ledge

He tentatively stepped onto the wall, got to the first ledge and shouted "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" and rapidly got down.  He wasn't the only one, they all did exactly the same thing.  I had a little pep talk with him and he said that he really wanted to do it but would feel better if he could see me (bless him) so I shimmed up to the top with my camera and coached him up step by step as I knew that despite being my baby boy, he really wanted to do it.    Guess what?!  My brave and wonderful boy did just that!!

Hurry up and take the photo mum, all this hanging around.....

Even better, once he had done it once, he did it over and over again.  He then was a total poppet and encouraged his friends who were also scared, and helped a few of them to conquer their fears.

I am SO proud of him.  If only I could face my fears in the same way that he does, and instead of procrastinating about it, just did it!  In fact, I think I may take my inspiration from him next time I am faced with something I can't do and JUST DO IT.

Yes mum, you can stop freaking out now and chill out!
Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx


  1. Aw, Go Beansey!
    I have a pic of my little 4 year old girl climbing her first wall somewhere on my blog, I think?
    Anyway, she was amazing too.
    I thought she would give it a go (she waited in the biting wind for Ages for her turn) but basically be lifted up there by the rope man or her Aunty, but no, she was shouting for them to loosen the rope and Aunty to let her go!
    She climb to about 6 ft up then dropped off.
    Children are Amazing!

  2. Climbing is just sooooo brilliant for building confidence and self esteem. My 6yo loves it - particularly when they go up over an overhang and they come off and fly ;-) It's brilliant to watch them getting higher each time they go.

  3. Loved your blog about conquering fears and do agree that we can learn such a lot from our children. Fantastic that you're able to be there with loads of encouragement; I was able to do the same for both my son and daughter. My 16 year old recently completed her Duke of Edinburgh Gold (trial) treckking 50km's over Dartmoor with 6 friends. I was sooooo proud of her and it's just added to her self-confidence and boosted her self-esteem. Keep up the excellent work and interesting blogs...... :-)


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