Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Oh SHIT.......................

Stop reading now if you don't like swearing.  This is usually the point where I would stop myself, but this is a blog post dedicated to the word shit.  I'm not big on swearing, never have been, never will be, but there are the odd occasions when only a swear word will do...

Last week we took the kids out of school for a week's tour of Scotland visiting all of HAW's relatives and culminating in a stay over at the cousins, just outside Edinburgh.

However, we had to get to Scotland and so at over £1k for the 5 of us to fly, we decided to drive.  This isn't as bad as it sounds as takes around 7 hours if you leave in the evening and drive through the night.  It also gives you the flexibility to stop when you want, take what you want and have your car whilst over the border.  For us, it's so much cheaper than hiring a little car as we have an X5 which is like a mini house anyway.

So, I did the first leg of the journey and was happily pootling along when a huge lorry bore down on us - of course, this is just such the occasion when I proclaimed (loudly) "Oh SHIT" and after a few seconds of stunned silence from Beansey he then told Bobo "ooooohhh mummy said a SWEAR word".  I didn't even know he knew that but hey ho......BoBo then kept saying "oh shit, oh shit" (HAW was laughing silently as I tried to explain that actually, Oh shit is a naughty word and we must not say it.  Eventually, they all piped down and fell asleep.

We thought that was the end of the matter as the rest of the week it wasn't mentioned...............


We hit the cousins just outside of Edinburgh.   All seven cousins were sitting down to a kids tea with grannies/great grannies watching, when my delightful BoBo proclaimed during a silent moment....

"oh SHIT".  But not just once, oh no, he just kept saying "oh SHIT, oh SHIT, oh SHIT" that's what my mummy says you know in the car.  BoBo was getting laughs and encouragement from the older cousins and then the 3 younger ones all joined in.  I was utterly mortified until I looked at everyones faces.  They were all in bits and the supper has now gone down in family legend as the "oh SHIT supper"

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx


  1. Thank yourself lucky she hasn't got 2 big brothers teaching her to say things like "smelly nappy poo breath!!!

  2. I know and that's what is so frustrating! I rarely swear...typical!! Thanks for commenting

  3. Ha Ha - that is my 8 year old to a tee! He is always saying that to his 5 and 2 year old siblings.....

  4. Oh dear! It's amazing what they pick up quickly. I suspect if you'd said "ooops!" it wouldn't have been such an issue, lol.

    CJ xx

  5. My year old learned the real F word last week, (as opposed to fart and freakin', which he previously thought it had been). Now, he knows it's swearing and he knows he's not to say it EVER anywhere, so what does he do? He has loud conversations whenever possible about how "rhymes with muck" is a bad word and you should never say it." Sigh.

  6. 8 year old, not year old. That would have been something wouldn't it?

  7. When my eldest was one she learned to say bugger after I had said it a few times. I thought it was going to stick but in the end I tried the ignoring rule which worked a treat.
    Great story x

  8. LOL!!! How brilliant!! I remember at a posh Christening once, my mother leaned over the crib of the infant child and said "who's a little fucker fumb" in front of the assembled grandees.......I was mortified!

  9. I am so lucky that BG hasn't picked up a swear word yet. I am waiting for it!


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