Sunday, 30 October 2011

My *baby* is 3 today................

Oh my gosh, my baby is 3 today.  Where did those years go?!

Dear Pixie,

You are 3 today and what a wonderful 3 years we have had.  I remember when you were born, I spent the first 24 hours just staring at the wonder of you, your big baby blues and little baby breaths were just magical.  We were very lucky that we had a private room at the hospital as it meant that we could all stay together outside of visiting hours and once Daddy and your brothers left our room in the hospital, I still didn't sleep but just stared and smiled and loved the wonder of you.

The last few years you have filled our hearts with joy and I can't believe that we made such an amazing little girl - I am so, so proud of you sweetheart and love your feisty independence as you stand up to your brothers, that strength of character will stand you well in life my darling.
We have seen you develop from a happy baby to a chatty toddler and this last year has seen you lose the dummy and wear big girls knickers all the way taking it in your stride.  

Your confidence knows no bounds and that really amazes me - that someone so little can be so sure, so confident.  I'm sure having 2 big brothers gives you that confidence, you certainly know you are loved by them as they smother you with kisses and hugs constantly.

You also started nursery and poor old mummy was sobbing her heart out after she had dropped you off for the first time - in you went without so much as a whimper and you have thrived and enjoyed every moment of it!  May you always show such enthusiasm for learning and confidence in unfamiliar surroundings.

A few months ago, I took you to your first dance class which is a combination of ballet and tap and you were    so, so excited to be going, it is all you talked about.  Every morning, the first thing you said was "I go ballet today Mummy" and then the day arrived.  You had a pink ballet dress that I picked up in the charity shop and you were so, so proud of that until..................You saw that all the other little girls were wearing blue leotards and skirts!!!  You have point blank refused to wear the pink dress since and all you wanted for your birthday was a blue leotard, white tap shoes and pink ballet slippers!  How could we refuse?!  

You also know what you want to wear and I struggle daily - you refuse to wear trousers, instead preferring to pick a dress...I fear little poppet that you and I will have many battles on the clothes front over the coming years!   Yesterday you wanted your nails painted and insisted on the colour being my chanel rouge noir!  What a little fashionista....

Yet your nature is so, so sweet.  You adore babies and are so gentle and loving, you have a real nurturing streak and I love nothing more than watching you play with your dollies - your imagination knows no bounds!

I am so proud to be your mummy, I look at you all and wonder what your future holds? I can't begin to tell you how much you and your brothers are loved, I don't have the words to express my feelings for you all, the invisible bond that ties my heart to  all of yours will always be there.   My love for you all has no limits or boundaries, it is the reason why, I am striving to be a better person every day.

You are beautiful inside and out, you are clever and funny and incredibly charismatic.  I am honoured to be your mummy and look forward to many happy years of being by your side as you make your path in this world.

Happy Birthday my Darling

Peace and Love

Mummy xxxxx


  1. aww, what a gorgeous post and what a gorgeous little girl.
    Looks just like her mummy.
    So wish I had a girly girl to dress up. Have a wonderful day, you are right time flies so fast. xxx

  2. What a beautiful little girl and lovely message from Mummy

  3. Rouge Noir and tutus! I love it. She is gorgeous. Happy Birthday to your Angel. xxx

  4. What a lovely post and a gorgeous little girl. Happy birthday :) x


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