Sunday, 2 October 2011

The MADS 2011

Oh my gosh, where to start?! 

getting ready with @allabouttheboys and @caroljs who let me crash their room!
I was lucky enough to attend the Mum and Dad Awards better know as The Mads on Friday and had, quite simply the most AMAZING 24 hours.  HAW struggles to understand why I blog/tweet and takes the proverbial piss out of me for meeting strangers of the internet (his words, not mine) but the love and support in the room on friday was, quite simply amazing.

Over 100 of the most wonderful bloggers congregated in the soho HQ of talktalk and on arrival we were photographed on the red carpet whilst quaffing copious amount of wine and scoffing lovely, lovely canapes.

Glowstars on the left and me on the right!

My role for the evening was that of live blogger with the gorgeously, funny Vic from Glowstars .  I knew we were going to get on like a house on fire when she came back with copious beers and canapes whilst balancing precariously on a pair of fabulous shoes!!   Definitely my sort of girl....

Here we are - she looks about 15 years old whilst I look old and squiffy......

Kate Wit Wit Woo and me in a cab enroute...I need a proper picture of her dress!

We had such a great time commenting on everything from who was the best dressed (Kate from WitWitWoo won and my goodness, that girl has va va vooooom in bucketfuls) to who was the most drunk (what goes on tour, stays on tour and all that..sorry!) but of course, we were there to report on the winners.  There were over 50,000 (by heck gertrude) nominations and the full list of winners can be found Here  - a massive well done and huge congratulations and sloppy kisses and hugs all around to the winners and finalists - you ALL rock!
One of the first blogs I read last year was Bangs and a Bun and the gorgeous Muireanne was on mighty fine form as the hostess with the mostess on the night - she was her usual eloquent, funny self and if you haven't read her blog then get your tush over there NOW and start by looking at some of her raps.....I adore!!

The night was full of love, laughs and hugs and it was truly great to see lots of women being supportive and empowering to each other - it's a very special revolution going on I tell you!!

I went for late night wine with some very special girls (@allforalleyna @clairelouise82 @seasiderclaire @mummyfromtheheart @bobbity666) and then headed home for more wine and late night chats (4am I'll have you know) with my roomy Louise from Bloggomy

It was a TOP night and I can't wait for next year!!

Well done to Sally and Jen and everyone else who made it possible - it was fantabulous!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx


  1. lovely to see you again as well Karen, or should I say SJP?!! How were your feet the next day???

    Love Sxx

  2. Lovely to meet you as well!! I could have done with drinking water at some point ;-) xx

  3. nope, I can cateogorically say you scrub up well and look VERY young! Nice to meet you xxxx

  4. as did you darling!!!! See you soon xx

  5. thank you for saying so!!! It was fabulous it really was.......looking forward to the Xmas party now!

  6. ah bless him - I think the fact we were well lubricated with beer helped!! was quite stressful at times.......

    Lovely to see you as well xx

  7. Souns like an amazing event! Been enjoying everybody's Twitter feeds in the run up and aftermath of the MADS!
    you DO NOT look old or squiffy in your pic by the way! xx

  8. My hubby says you did a great job live blogging, i think he knew I had won before I did!

    Great to see you as always x

  9. Loved spending time with you sweetie and you looked so glam! Mich x

  10. Fifteen? Clearly the red lighting has hidden the crows feet!

  11. It was great to finally meet you on Friday night Sophie, if somewhat brief. I so wish I'd gone out afterwards for drinks with you guys...even if it would have been water! x

  12. Ah, that is a fab photo of you, Lou and I! Was good seeing you again Sophie, we must do it more often! x

  13. aww lovely post, so great to see you again Sophie. You rocked that outfit and so glad you went with the fasinator (god knows how you spell it) xxx Hope to see you again soon xxxx


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