Sunday, 23 October 2011

Listography - Top 5 Christmas Toys 2011

I haven't taken part in Kate takes 5 Listography for aged and ages but this week I vowed I would link up (and ironically, she has just tweeted her link to the top 5 christmas toys) so here goes!!!!!!!!!!!!    These are in my experience (3 kids in the last 8 years) sure fire winners and destined NOT to hit the scrap heap!!  

My kids get bought all manner of plastic toot from the grandparents and other relatives and so I always try and get them something that is NOT going to end up in plastic toy toot heaven.  

1) A Bike 

Come on, this HAS to be the number 1 Christmas toy ever?!  Not a present for every year, but when the time comes for a new bike or upgrade to a bigger size, we always wait until Christmas and put a great big bow on the front!!!!

2) Lego

Yep, this is a winner for all ages.  We have my lego from the 70s which was all big boards and just bricks and now have various collections from star wars to Ninjango.  It all ends up in the big lego box at the end of the day despite my attempts to keep "sets" together. 

3) A Dolls House

This is on our list this year and I think its more for me than Pixie!! I can't wait to get decorating and arranging....finally, finally I will have the house of my dreams that is neat and tidy house!!!

4) Nerf Gun

Ok, I know.  It's a gun.  I don't believe that giving boys guns will lead to gun toting hoodies in later life although I wouldn't buy a replica looking colt 45.  These nerf guns though are good fun and the boys play nicely together so I'm all for that!

5) Sports Equipment

Mine are all sports mad and have had tennis racquets, rugby balls and football strips in the past.  I actually think buying them something like this is great as it not only will be well used, it is something they need!   If your kids are not into sports but love music then why not get them something music related?!  We have also got them tickets to international rugby games and footy matches which they have loved!

How about you???  What are your top 5 christmas toys??

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx


  1. I've recently been introduced to the world of the nerf guns and have to say they're pretty good. I'm not a 'no guns allowed' mum as we all grew up with them without ending up being psycho killers! Delighted you joined in - the Parent Bloggers Toy List has begun!

  2. I love love love Dolls Houses- I cant wait to get one for me, sorry I mean my daughter! x

  3. Oh I would STILL LOVE to get a dolls house for Christmas! Great list x

  4. I'd love a dolls house like that! Great List! x

  5. Good List. Lego and Bikes will come out tops methinks

  6. I agree - none of us are psycho killers and spent whole summers playing cowboys and indians!

    S.A.M xx

  7. Lego, Bikes and doll paraphenalia for sure!

  8. Ohhh I loved getting bikes, lego and my doll house. I can still remember opening it on christmas morning.

  9. Definitely bikes and Lego I've suggested on my list too! Forgot about sports stuff though - that's always a winner (and being Scottish I particularly love your kid's strips!). Great suggestions!

  10. Not sure what a nef gun is but it sounds fun!

  11. My husband is Scottish - If I had my way, they would be in white!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. If you have a boy/nephew then Nerf Guns are AWESOME!

  13. We're fast approaching bike time but I'm a terrible cyclist so I'll have to leave the standing around in the cold to Hubs, shame! ;)

  14. Ahh, I'd forgotten about a bike, that's a really good one, a dolls house too!! @gidders1

  15. my top toys would be
    vtech innotab
    lego pirates of the caribbean the black pearl - just released and it will be HUGE THIS YEAR
    little charley bear
    rastamouse toys
    vtech toot toot drivers garage
    a bike

  16. ooh great list! Which house are you going to get for Pixie? xx


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