Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Earn a bit of extra money in time for Christmas

Since Avon started over 100 years ago (1886 for those who like stats!) there has been a huge influx of companies trying to flog their wares in various "at home" parties.  In the past year alone, I have been to a Jamie at home (Jamie Oliver), Body Shop party, Pampered Chef and candle party and it's no surprise to me that the marketplace is worth more than £2 BILLION (yes, BILLION) a year and that around 400,000 run parties from home in a bid to make extra cash.

Being a home sales consultant fits nicely in with childcare, which is why I guess I have been invited to so many these past few years.  It is mainly school mums trying to earn a bit of extra money after giving up careers to be homemakers that are hosting them.

I go to support my friends but if I am honest, I don't *need* anymore baking trays, candles or knickers!  

The other day I was sent a pair of asymmetrically scattered crystals on burnished silver hoops to review from a company called Miglio who specialise in stylish, affordable, and glamorous jewellery that doesn't cost a fortune.  I was impressed.  Very impressed.  

I adore jewellery but in particular, I love the glamour of yesteryear and am always on the lookout for vintage pieces to add to my collection.  The range from Miglio is different and whilst they follow key concepts and trends, their pieces are very "statement" whilst giving you the opportunity to personalise.  

The website is a bit complicated to use but once you get the hang of the PDF layouts, it is very easy to flick through the collections.  

What caught my eye though, was the opportunity to be a Miglio Jewellery Consultant as I just know that these pieces will be very covertable, it is certainly a different take on the "at home" party concept and If I wasn't already running my own business I would definitely consider this as it is a lovely brand with some great pieces in the collection.  It also offers flexibility of working either PT or FT is very attractive to stay at home parents who want to earn a bit of extra cash!

With Christmas just around the corner, is this something you would consider?

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

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  1. It seems that these kind of jobs rarely work out as a sustainable income. I wouldn't want my friends and family to feel that they had the pressure on them to host parties and buy stuff. Mostly they don't appeal because I doubt I'd make a good sales person!


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