Saturday, 29 October 2011

All dressed up and nowhere to go............

Kids eh, who'd have 'em?!

Yesterday was the day of the Media Week Awards an event in our calendar that I *really* look forward to.  Since leaving the giddy world of advertising to be a WAHM, it is the one event I love attending as I get to catch up with lots of old friends and have the odd champagne cocktail or two.

So, in preparation, I headed of to the  Chelsea Day Spa as a guest of the iconic underwear range Maidenform who are all about channelling glamorous shapewear.  The new range has been designed in consultation with Janie Bryant who is the costume designer on Mad Men, which, unless you have been living under a rock is the critically acclaimed, award wining drama series set in 1960s New York.  It follows the lives and loves of the ruthlessly competitive, ego driven men and women of advertising agency Sterling, Cooper Draper and Pryce Advertising.  

Maidenform were responsible for the first ever shaped bras, when in the 1920s Ida Rosenthal and Enid Bissett pioneered bras that accentuated the natural shape of women - hence the name Maidenform.  They did this taking a bandeau with two cups, separated by a centre piece of elastic that was sewn into dresses.  This then developed into a modern, seamed uplift bra which meant that the bandeau was out and va, va voom was in!!!  This was then followed by years of iconic advertising imagery, that is still visually beautiful today:

 The range today still honours the founders values of providing the underpinnings to create the perfect silhouette, and as I was wearing a LBD to the media week awards, I opted for a Hi Waist Thigh Slimmer which after a consultation with the Bod Squad seemed to offer me the best solution.  I was left to try it on and I have to say, it was soft, well made and incredibly stretchy.  The key to shapewear is a good fit, and in the past I have been left frustrated by magic knickers that have rolled down - I now know the reason for this is because it was the wrong size! 

I also tried on a waist nipper which was soft, sexy and incredibly glamourous, definitely something that HAW would like and not laugh at (yes, he has been known to take the proverbial out of me for wearing Brigitte Jones-esque knickers)

Not only did it give me a fantastic silhouette, it was super sexy and I felt womanly and curvy in all the right places.  It definitely sucks you in and makes you stand taller, sexy posture all the way!  The great thing I think about the range is that it is so easy to put on and so soft.  I have worn supportwear before that not only is uncomfortable but is scratchy in that horrible nylon way.  YUCK.

I then had a New York  manicure, where I totally stepped out of my comfort zone (rouge noir, always dark or red) and opted for a high fashion green colour - I'm not sure if I would do that again, maybe on my toes but I have had a lot of comments from people saying they really, really like the colour.  I also had a make over by Cosmetics a la Carte who created a bespoke foundation for me that is utterly amazing.  More on this to follow....

I went home all glammed up and rearing to go but my plans were totally scuppered by a Pixie who decided to be sick moments before our taxi came.  I made an executive (mum) decision that I couldn't leave her, and so as my ad exec husband exited in taxi, I was left at home to watch the kids - rather like a 60s suburban housewife after all, albeit with a great silhouette!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx

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  1. Oh disappointing for you! I hope the sickness was a one off. X


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