Saturday, 17 September 2011

What activites do your kids do????

When the long summer holidays came to an end, I started to get that feeling of dread in the pit of my tummy, one look at my diary and I got an instant headache.  What am I talking about?!  Well the never-ending saga of after school clubs and activites.

I am really curious to see what others do, as I spend my time chasing/co-ordinating/forgetting and general planning of activities with military like precision.

I don't think my kids do a lot, but I would LOVE to hear what clubs your kids do, and if you constantly feel as if you are being pulled in a thousand directions!

Beansey is nearly 8.  This is his timetable:

Monday - chess club after school but finishes at 4:20pm then nothing
Tuesday - Football training 630-730pm (so freezing cold with the other 2 kids, very tired)
Wednesday - Rugby Training
Thursday - NOTHING
Friday - Swimming followed by Beavers
Saturday - Football Match
Sunday - Rugby Match then more often the not up to the golfing range.

He is a talanted football/rugby player and loves both.  He is less keen on swimming but until he can swim 100m he has to go.  I feel this is a "life" skill along with Beavers (soon to be cubs). 

He wants to now learn an instrument but I can't see how it will fit in yet would love to give him that opportunity.

BoBo - is just 5.  This is his timetable (for want of a better word)

Monday - NOTHING
Tuesday - Tennis
Wednesday - NOTHING
Thursday - Swimming
Friday - Beavers
Saturday - Football
Sunday - Rugby

He also adores football and rugby and played tennis throughout the summer and is desperate to keep it up.  Again, I think that Beavers and swimming are life skills and something they can learn so much from.  Incidentally, they both play golf, tennis and cricket in the summer.

Pixie - aged 2

I take her swimming once a week as well as toddler groups but she has just started Baby Ballet and will start gymnastics when she is 3.

So, do I do to much?!  I seriously know people who do double what I do - kumon, tutors, fencing, judo etc etc. 

I am all for encouraging sports but I feel as if I need someone to just help me with all the running around. 

Where do you draw the line??!


  1. I think your kids do quite a lot actually considering their ages!, and as for those who do *double* you say... Masochists!

  2. Musings from a Mum16 September 2012 at 20:29

    I often have the same thoughts about how many activities should the kids be doing and whether or not we are doing too many or too few. I think it comes down to whether or not they are enjoying them or if you think they are essential in some way.

    My 4 yr old and 2 yr old twins do swimming lessons and gymnastics once a week. Swimming, like you, I view as an essential life skill and the 4 yr old can now swim 25 m in a stroke so I think he's pretty competent. The twins have just started lessons and love them. Gymnastics is just great fun and has really helped my big boy to concentrate and he loves doing all the 'tricks'.

    I think over this year my 2 yr old girl will start ballet - she's desperate to do it, and my 4 yr old might start football but at the moment two activities a week seems right for them. It leaves Sunday free for all of them to 'play' and big boy's week days after school free for play dates.

    I don't think there is a right or a wrong amount, it depends on the child's stamina and yours!

  3. It sounds like a lot to me because it's a lot per child then x3 for all doing different ones on different days. I couldn't cope with all that.

    My 2 (aged 5 and 3.5) have always done swimming since being 3 mths old. I also view swimming as a life skill so I wanted them to get used to water very young and they both love it. I've always tried to have their lessons one after the other so it was manageable. For a while they were in the same class which was brilliant. Only 3 weeks ago did I put them into another activity each. Wee Dude has started karate and Wee Love is doing a dance class. Even taking the plunge for these extra classes was a big deal for me because I had to just accept that my dinner/bedtime routine would have to become more flexible. Another reason not to do more for me would be money tbh. Taking on the karate and dance is plenty for our budget, especially taking into account equipment I'll have to buy very soon.

    Monday -4.30-5.30 Wee Love has dance
    Wednesday 4.30-5.30 - Wee Dude has karate
    Thursday - 1.30 Wee love has swimming while Wee Dude is at school
    5.00 Wee Dude has swimming

    This leaves the other days for park or visiting friends or chilling out and giving me longer to make dinner. I also tried to avoid classes at the weekend as that's our time to do something as a family and not be tied to a class every weekend. That may change as they get older once they do footie games or whatever.

    If you're managing it and the kids are happy then brilliant coz they're getting loads of skills and excercise out of it.


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