Saturday, 17 September 2011

How to get rid of a dummy....

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my daughters addiction to her dummy Addicted to a Dummy  in this blog I told you all how Pixie was getting increasingly reliant on her dummy (Dodo) and despite only having it at bedtime, was always asking for one or looking (and finding one).

When she got to the stage of saying that "Dodo is my best friend" I decided that enough was enough.  She was starting pre-school at the beginning of September and it was the perfect time to say that "you're a big girl now, and big girl's don't have Dodo's".

I told her that the fairies would be coming to visit her and that if she gave them her dummies that they would bring her a little treat.  She asked for chocolate eggs and so that night, we wrote a little letter to the fairies and I took away every single dummy.

She acknowledged that she was a "big girl" and got into bed with a blanket and her dolly.


That was it!!!!

No crying, no fussing, dropped off straight to sleep!  I was expecting tears, tantrums and a long night but my wonderful little girl had accepted that she was a "big girl" and didn't fuss or fret.

The next morning she had a few chocolate eggs and a letter back from the fairies saying what a big girl she was and that they had taken her Dodo's to a new little baby called Amber Rose.  She totally accepted this and later that night asked for a dummy - I again told her that the fairies had taken them to a new baby and she was fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in shock, I had expected this to be difficult but my wonderful daughter took it all in her stride and was totally accepting. 

The Dodo is finally extinct!!!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxx


  1. My youngest still has his dummy (dodi) and we're getting rid of it on his 3rd birthday or around then. Since he's a bad sleeper I'm bracing myself for a couple of really rough nights. Hopefully he'll surprise me...*crosses fingers and prays*

  2. Hiya, great post! I had the a similar experience with both my kids. They were 2.5 when I took the dummies away. We collected the dummies and made a special parcel with 'magic' glitter iside, wrapped them up in special wrapping paper to send to the new babies at the hospital. We walked to the post box together and the little one posted the parcel. I too was expecting a really rough night (or 5!) but it really wasn't that bad. Both did ask for the dummy but I reminded them once that we had sent them to the new babies and ignored any other requests. They were totally fine about it :)

  3. Bless your cotton socks! You are the Queen! I am envious yet don't know if I'm brave enough yet. It's not so much the "going to bed", it's the waking up in the middle of the night needing it! Gah. I will consider your experience though...wish me luck! ;)

  4. Thanks for commenting Mrs R! I was amazed at how easy it was, wish I had tried it sooner!!! Do you think that once they can comprehend the fact that they are going to new babies they just accept that?! My daughter is the most headstrong out of all my kids and thought it would be a battle of wills!!

  5. Donna - I was expecting the same...please let me know how you get on!!

  6. A marshmallow tree! That is a lovely idea!!

  7. Honestly can't believe how easy it going back now, has been 4 days!!!!

  8. Karin, I was putting it off and putting it off then just thought, you know what, it'll be a few days of hell but I'm going with it...we replaced it with a soft blanket that she chose so try something like that!!!

  9. This is really reassuring. My son is two and we really want to take the dummy away but I keep pushing back the date because I assume that all HELL will break loose and I still have a lot of post-holiday laundry to do... I think maybe is he too young to understand about the dummy fairy but I'll definitely give it a go that way first. Thank you!

  10. Well done you! I have a friend who did the same thing recently but planted it in the garden and the next morning miraculously a marshmallow tree had grown in its place:)

  11. I told my lil one to leave them under the tree for Father Christmas and he would swap them for presents. He wanted his new toys so much it didnt take much convincing :)


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