Friday, 9 September 2011

Have you met the 3rd member of Jedward???

My beautiful boys have always, always had long, surfy stylee hair.  It suits, them, it is easy to maintain and it looks lovely....

Here is a selection of my mop top boys, just to show you how lovely they look (can you guess where this is going yet..............

Me and my boy

Our Baby Boys

BoBo and his gorgeous locks

I have battled with the Headmistress who "insists" on boys having short hair and as for the MIL she never stops telling me how "scruffy" they are.  Scruffy they may well be, but they look adorable and they suit it, more to the point, the boys love it.  Anyway, today was the day for the back to school haircut (yes a week late) and so we went into the barbers where we have been going for the last 6 years.  Our regular hairdresser wasn't in and so we sat down with the new lady.  She asked Beansey if he want gel (of course) and then despite my telling her "just a tidy up" proceeded to lop of AT LEAST 4 inches.  I wasn't paying much attention as the Pixie was playing up, but when I looked at what she had done, I was gobsmacked....I then stupidly paid and left with a throw away comment of "that's much shorter than I asked for".

So here it is...the before and after......................


OH MY FREAKING GOD, what have you done to my boy??!!!  Are you a jedward fan or did someone dare you to do that??!! He had to go straight to Beavers and luckily for him, his friends thought he was "a cool dude"......

Help...any solutions??!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Ha ha brilliant! Autumn/Winter here so he could get away with a hat ... if he could get it over his hair!

  2. I know - it's just a massive shock!!!

  3. I think I was in going back tomorrow after the rugby, nothing they can do but I am going to make it known that I am NOT happy......

  4. Ah mate. He still looks cute. Don't fret! Hair grows back :)

  5. Wow...there is some height on that hair! At least his friends like it...hope it grows back quick!

  6. He looks very cool!! Tintin-ish!! X

  7. Omg, I would have been spitting feahers. He still looks cute, but he'll it is so different. It broke my heart when mini wanted his hair shorter

  8. Oh my gosh!! He looked gorgeous with the surfer hair! Does it look cuter with the gel out? Still looks pretty adorable tho!

  9. I like it!! what a gorgeous looking boy :-)

  10. Jesus! I'd be well miffed off. He looks cute still. but he doesn't look happy. Think it's a tad too long myself, I'd take him back & get them to rectify it.

  11. He looks older with shorter hair. I love long curly hair on boys. My son's hair won't curl at all, no matter how much I try and get it to!


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