Friday, 9 September 2011

The apron strings are hanging by a thread.....

Can I just say "AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH"...............

Ah, that's better. 

Yesterday was a momentous day in the Super Amazing Mum household, my little Pixie was starting pre-school.  It's only for 3 mornings a week (5 after Christmas - GULP) and of course the boys are both back at school.
My little darlings

Despite my moaning at times about the kids, the whole ground hog routine (this week swimming, rugby, football, french, chess and beavers)  I truly LOVE being a mum, it fulfills me and I feel so privileged to have these 3 amazing little people in my life, they amaze me, annoy me, love me unconditionally (and I them) and make me laugh every single day, I can barely remember life pre kids (apart from the long, luxurious lie-ins) and so you would think that after 8 years of always having a little person around, I would be longing for some "time out" to do something for me. 

Today was that day - I dropped the boys off at school (Beansey now a junior and different entrance, goes in by himself no less) and then Pixie and I pootled along to pre-school.

First to arrive, looking aprehensive/pensive...

She was an absolute superstar...she found her peg with her name on it (so diddy) and then sat down for the register whilst I filled in the paperwork.  Here she is on her first day..........

I am so proud of her, she settled in really well, no tears and very chatty once she had got used to her surroundings.  I came home and spent the time clock watching, feeling bereft and not knowing what to do with myself!! I couldn't wait to pick her up again....

Now, I am not saying that I won't enjoy the 3 free mornings I have off now (gym - HELLO!) but I do feel sad that my apron strings are being frayed little by little and that all my little babies are all growing up.  I know that Pixie is my last baby so I am guessing this is why I feel extra sorry for myself?!

Do you feel the same or I am just a sentimental old bird (same might say just mental ;-)

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. thanks for the comments Christine!!! I am so excited for the kids of course, but bereft for me, I'll have to "do" something now ;-)

  2. tee hee! Makes for a quiet house that's for sure....

  3. you're meant to tell me it gets easier with time!!!!

  4. If you can't be sentimental about your children growing up when can you be? Our (as yet) only son just started full time school and the whole experience is like a madeleine in Proust's mouth, setting of a load of nostalgia (albeit with rather less good writing on my part!).

  5. Oh I'm sentimental too...mine are so much bigger than yours and I should have it all under control by now but it's not. I've missed them so much this week!

  6. If you are a sentimental old bird, there is no hope for me. They all look fab

  7. I felt just the same this week and it made it worse because I didn't think I'd feel so empty- you might like to read my blog posts from Weds and today. It's hard isn't it, but there comes a time when we have to start loosening the strings. Just a little. Before we can reel them back in for bedtime cuddles!

    Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.
    CJ xx

  8. Next week I am without both my children for the first time in a long time, sophie is starting pre-school (reception in uk) first time at 5 day schooling and Grace is in kindergarten for three days a week and I am excited for them, a new stage in their life and mine! but I know Monday will come and it will be so quiet, too quiet and I, like you will be clock watching until I can pick them up again. Its hard letting them go, Grace is my last baby too and she has been with me for two years solid but Im excited for them and me but its just that adjustment stage we have to go through - more us mums than them I think!
    Great pics by the way!


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