Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Spy Kids 4D All the time in the World Movie Review

Today was wet and miserable and so after blackberry picking in the rain (cold, wet, muddy but successful) we had a family pow wow and decided to go to the cinema.   I wanted to see the Smurfs  (nostalgic) but was over ruled by the kids so it was of to see Spy Kids 4D - all the time in the World.

Now I had no idea what 4D meant, I thought it would be something like HD cinema but was quite surprised when the usher handed me a card called and "Aroma-scope".  It was reminiscent of scratch and sniff stickers circa 1980 and actually meant we were going to the "smell-ema" as this was scratch and sniff movie stylee! 

The movie features twins called Cecil and Rebecca who are the children of the spy hunting reporter Wilbur.  They have a step mum called Marissa who unbeknown to them is a retired agent from the Organisation of Super Spies or the OSS.  Without giving the plot away, we see them all battling against a time keeper and tick tock his henchmen in order to save the World.

spy kids 4d film review

At various points during the film you need to scratch and sniff the correlating number on your "aromacard" and despite them all smelling the same (thank goodness, who wants to smell green nappies or dog farts anyway) it added an new element to the cinema experience.  The kids LOVED it.

I thought the plot was weak and ridiculous in places, but at the end of the day, it's not a film made for me but the children who of course absolutely LOVED it and have already asked to go and see it again.  The saving grace for me was the dog Argonaut who was voiced by Ricky Gervais - It was very much toilet humour which made me chuckle.

They particularly liked the fight scenes and the scratch and sniff element had them in stitches - especially sniff number 6 - a bodily function smell no less!!

We hadn't seen the previous spy movies which I hear were far superior but at the end of the day, if the kids are happy then so am I!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. yes the number flashes up on the screen.....watch out for number 6 ;-)

  2. It's aaaaaalllllll about the kids (and don't we know it :-)

  3. If the kids loved it I guess thats all that matters!! x

  4. Gonna Go see this with my kids next week who are really looking forward to it so I am glad to see this 4D thing and film being enjoyable for your kids. Seriously 4D and smelling things what ever next lool.

    P.S How would you know when to scratch and sniff? Do they give a cue or something during the film?

    Lillian xxx


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