Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lollibop 2011 - A review and top tips!

Lollibop is billed as "the big bash for little people" and as HAW and Beansey were playing golf today, I decided to take BoBo and Pixie along to see what all the fuss was about.   We arrived at 11am and left at 7pm so really got a good chance to experience the whole festival.   Here are my top tips for surviving and enjoying Lollibop:

1) If you can't stand queuing, then please do not even attempt to go.  I kid you not when I say that you will spend most of the day in a queue.  We planned what we wanted to do and then adapted that according to queue size.   Trampolines (only 6/8 at a kids festival WTF?!) didn't even get a look in.   If you have a child who fancies Spider Tower, Go-Karts or getting their face painted, then do that first or save it until last thing.  Otherwise you'll be queuing for upto an hour.

2) You have to make a visit to the YogaBugs tent.  It was the perfect respite for queue weary kids and it was very well put together.  Not busy, a lovely story with lots of interaction.  It lasted about 20 minutes and was just the right amount of relaxation.

  3) The Enchanted Forest a lovey area - you had the magical fairy and wizard school where you could make you own bespoke wand  (take wipes, it gets messy) fairy wings and best of all, find out how to adopt a fairy - I'll say no more but it was magical.  Also worth a visit is the Story Telling tent with toadstools outside, this was a lovely area with lots of colouring and drawing and lots of lovely chilled out cushions to sit on (as well as toadstools!).

4) Rastamouse - was awesome, really really good and got the whole crowd up on their feet.  It was a real scrum to get close to the stage but from my experience the kids will just love to run, jump and dance around.  We were lucky enough to be VIP's and got to meet Rastamouse backstage at a tea party - he rocked!

5) Waybuloo - Mine haven't watched this for a long time but they loved the Alfresco bandstand as it was much smaller than the main stage and so they were able to get to the front.

6) Bring a picnic, seriously guys, the waiting time for food was absolutely ridiculous.  We tried around 3pm so not even in peak time and were waiting for a very long time for ok-ish food.  Oh, and ice-creams £2.50 (!) for a 99! 

7) The H+M Itsy Bitsy Strictly tent was AWESOME, we learnt how to dance like a Bollywood star as well as throw some shapes to some classic Baby Loves Disco tunes from the 70s to the present day.  We all had a really good boogie and I am going to investigate BLD as a little trip out. 

8) Minimission - The Ibizan style club for the whole family and quite conveniently situated next to the adult creche (bar!).  WE got our groove on the the chillout tunes and this totally ROCKED.  Save this to the end of the day, it was great to sit and listen to good music whilst the kids let off (even more!) steam.

9) Be prepared to spend money - when it says everything is included, it means everything bar balloons (£5) Bubble Swords (£9) fairy wands and other things that you usually end up buying.  Be careful of the massage chairs, then tempt you over, get you comfy and then tell you it is £20. 

10) A lot of things you need to book - eg Gymboree sessions, Jamie Oliver Fifteen Pizza making.  If this is something you want to do then I advise you to book at the start of your day.

11) Wear flats - DO NOT attempt to wear wedges for 8 hours *ahem* your feet will thank you for it.

12) When meeting Ben + Holly and Peppa Pig, be aware that you won't be able to snuggle up to them, they are almost in a pen with barriers which stops you from getting close which is a shame as no photo opportunities.  However, the kids won't care, I just think it would have been a nice memento.

13) Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had a truly magical day despite the queues and extra (expensive) costs it was a really lovely family fun-filled day out and as long as you go prepared with the information above, you will have an amazing day - I personally can't wait for Lollibop 2012.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Sounds fab. May give it a go next year and book ahead on train tickets. Lovely pics x

  2. We found the queues a nightmare. My son is only 2 and he does not queue, he runs. We basically didn't do anything that required queueing (thankfully I'd brought food with!). We had a lovely time though, just doing the lower-key things (and not meeting bob the builder or getting his face-painted)I think if we went next year he might get more out of it (not sure we will though). Glad you had a good time. Was glad the weather held and it only lightly showered with rain! :)

  3. Great post thanks! Going tomorrow so will buy picnic on the way. Excited!

  4. Great review - sums it up perfectly! I took a near 2 year old too so had the same problems with the queues. Thankfully Daddy booked Jamie's 15 pizza making so he got to make and eat a pizza but everything else we avoided the queues for. I think there would be more value for money for an older child but enjoyed it all the same - Clairem

  5. @wherethewildthingsare - My 2 year old was also a nightmare with the queues and then freaked when she couldn't go on the "BIG" things that her brother was going on....They need to learn from this year and it will get bigger and better!

  6. It was good but it was a shame about the queues and the b****y helium balloon whilst we were watching the Charlie and Lola show (which was fab). I did resent the queuing having paid so much to go

  7. Sounds like an amazing day. Love the photos!

  8. You forgot to add what a total rip off it was and how bad the hygiene was on the food stalls.


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