Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Holidays wouldn't be the Holidays if I didn't have a trip to A+E now would they??!

Yesterday started full of promise - HAW was leaving work early so that we could go for a pub tea and a lovely walk/swim in the Country (we have an amazing, secluded spot for some river swimming that has a wonderful sandy bank and lovely clean, warm shallow water that also happens to be very close to a lovely, lovely Country pub that has amazing food and caters for kids - WIN/WIN situation) and we had all been looking forward doing one of our favourite things.

 However, I still had the morning and mid-afternoon to contend with and so called a few friends together and we headed off to one of our favourite parks.  To get to the park you need to walk through fields of horses and the kids love to feed them on the way.  Once you get to the park there is a huge enclosed play park that has all manner of play equipment from rope swings, to climbing walls and plenty of dens all surrounding a massive paddling pool.  It is the perfect play space as the kids are safe but have lots of space to roam and be free.  There are also tennis and basketball courts and a lovely flat HUGE green grassy area (perfect for cricket) plus a pavillion that does amazing coffee and kids lunchboxes for £2.80.  Again another WIN/WIN situation.  This really is the perfect venue for safe, clean, free fun!

We arrived about 10am and the kids happily spent the next few hours splashing in and out of the paddling pool, making dens/camps, playing cricket, having running races and generally just having a lovely time. 


After lunch, the kids decided to have a "battle".  This involved them splitting into 2 teams, each with their own "base" and then it was water pistols at the ready.  The game involved them squirting the other team and trying to get into their "camp".  All good, clean, innocent fun, I even joined in at one point, child that I am! 

Then, right in front of me "Captain Jack Sparrow" a.k.a Beansey jumped onto the bottom of the slide (he was trying to storm the camp) and slipped.  I heard a "klunk" then my poor boy had blood pouring out of his mouth.  He started to sob (he never cries so I knew it was bad) and when I looked he had a hole in his lip.  So off we went to A+E........

Four X-rays and a visit to the hospital dentist later ( his big tooth was ever so slightly wobbly) he had the gash glued and a diagnosis of a concussed tooth (have you ever heard of that before? No, me neither) which basically means that his big tooth had deep bruising, he was very lucky not to have lost it and now sports a rather large steri strip over his gob (still too loud though sonny!) with a pout that would give Mrs Jolie-Pitt a run for her money.

What with my BoBo going to A+E Last Half Term and now Beansey getting in on the act, it seems I have a pair of real life action men. I would much rather they had a free childhood full of running and fresh air with a couple of scrapes and scars along the way, rather than one stuck inside on computer games (and believe you me, I know kids who spend most of the day on their games consoles).

We didn't make it to the river or the pub, but I did have a HUGE glass of wine last night so all's well that ends well!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xxxx

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  1. Where did you go? Sounds like a great park! Hope the lip is on the mend :)
    Jackie D x


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