Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Getting rid of a dummy............

or rather, how do I get rid of several? 

First, a bit of history....Pixie is 2 and 9 months.  She has had a dummy since she was weeny.  I HATE dummies, I think they look awful and always vowed that no child of mine would ever have one.  How things change!

I am a massive fan of breast-feeding.  Both the boys were breastfed until they were over a year and I presumed that Pixie would also follow suit.  However, despite having an over supply of milk for the boys, I didn't have ANY milk whatsoever for Pixie.  This was put down to my under active thyroid and I persevered as she had a good latch and suck reflux.  However, she ended up in hospital on a drip and it was then I had my wake up call and realised/accepted that she wasn't going to thrive if I couldn't provide.   She was put onto bottles and flourished.

However, those long, milky feeds never happened.  She would down her bottles (less than 10 minutes)  and still be rooting around and I was advised to give her a dummy to help soothe her.  Stupidly I did.....

Fast forward to nearly 3 years later and this is what I have:

She is addicted.  She has only ever had a dummy at bedtime but increasingly, I am finding her with one (or 2) in her gob.  I take then off her and it's world war 3.  She tells me "I go sleep on sofa though mummy" or "It's late".  I have said in reply "well go to bed then darling" but she won't have any of it.  I take them off her, distract her and she goes nuts.  It's getting worse and I know we are going to have to have an Almighty battle on our hands from the headstrong Pixie who says that "Dodo is my best friend".

It's also having an impact on MY sleep.  At least once a night we will hear a wail of "can't find my Dodo mummy" and one of us has to search for the elusive dummy.  She goes to bed with several and they always go missing. 

Now she has got "favourites".  She spent 20 minutes last night wailing "only want the yellow one" which of course we couldn't find.  I think it's time for the dummy fairy to pay a visit.  Will this even work?!

So, who has got rid of the Dodo and how do I make this one extinct?!  I fear it's me that's been the dummy in the first place........

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. A friend's daughter, similar age to Pixie, had a visit from the dummy fairy who left a Jessie toy story doll in return - problem solved!
    Don't know if it would be that easy for everyone though!

  2. Looking forward to replies and your solution. L only one so although I won't remove yet I also hate them, only use for naps (at present) and vowed I'd never use them....

  3. Dummy fairy? Do you know anyone with or expecting a baby? My friends little girl gave her.dummys up to be given to my newborn. Or plain old cold turkey, bin them all and put up with a few days upset. Much harder when they are older and more aware.

  4. Love this blog, thanks for being so honest. The photo really made me smile! Minnie is 16 months & I'm restricting to cot (& car seat/push chair in times of weakness). Am dreading removing it but know that it has to be done & sooner rather than later I suppose. Let us know how you get on. If you could go back in time, at what point would you have stopped it? Have to say it has been a godsend for us, especially during teething & when she was tiny...

  5. thanks for dropping by! I think I would have stopped arounbd 15 months. I think you need to do it sooner rather than later. Believe you me, It will be a whole lot easier!

  6. thanks for commenting! Amazing that your daughter self weaned. I have visions of her going up the aisle with her dummy as her something "old" in her gob!

  7. ooooh lovcing the idea of fairy dust.........

  8. oh yes, we have the double dummy, we have the fdummy in gob and 2 in hands not to mention 3 in the bed as well.......the time is coming, the time is coming!

  9. giving them to the piglets - LOVE that!!!! I am thinking of maybe leaving them in France...for the french babies...do you think that would work????

    I think it's going to be a battle of wills.........

  10. Its gonna be hard but just chuck them all away, before that explain to her that the dummy fairy wants the dummies back because she is too big for them and one day they will disappear.

    You might have a few days of hell on earth but stick with it, they will be gonne for ever and she will get over it!

    Good Luck xx

  11. I never wanted to give my baby a dummy (or a chupa as we call it) - but was advised to when he was really tiny to help relieve excess wind. He's nearly a year now and uses it at nap and bedtimes. But if he sees one around his room or anywhere else, he makes a bee-line for it and just sticks it in his mouth. I haven't thought about how I'm going to get rid of it yet, though. A friend of mine said she just sliced a teeny bit off the end of it every day and her girls didn't notice. And then there was eventually nothing left to suck on...

  12. There is only three rules that I will give you about getting rid of the dummies
    1) Actually throw them away so you cant sneak one back when you are tired
    2) It only really takes 3 days for kids of this age to get used to something or used to not having somethings
    3) Start on a Friday so you know you have the weekend to recover from lack of sleep. Try and get some help and support from family. You will be tired.

    When Elizabeth was 2 and a half we decided enough was enough, We bought a little gift (from the poundshop) and wrapped it up. We held out a bin and said if she threw them all in the bin she could have the present. In they went and everyone was happy. She cried for her dummies as night time but we reminded her she threw them away as she was a big girl now and she got a nice new present. Three days later and she was happy with no dummies.

    With Alison we got rid of the dummies in May, she was 20 months. We went to Butlins and she gave them to Daisy Cow (one of the characters) in return for a nice daisy cow cuddly toy (all pre-arranged with the red coats). She shouted after Daisy when she left because Daisy had her doddies but she soon settled and everytime she wanted them we told her Daisy was giving them to all the little babies at Butlins.

    Whatever way you do it be determined, you will get through it, but if you give in you have to start all over again. Choose something your daughter is interested in and make her proud to say goodbye to them. I have heard of people getting helium balloons and tying the dummies to them for the kids to let go off or making a paper boat and floating them on a lake.

    Have fun and keep us posted soon you will have a happy dummy free little girl who one month later wont even remember she had them.

  13. She is gorgeous but she is a real minx. These dodos are taking over.....aaarggh!

  14. Reading this, it could have been Sarah - she had a favourite and a box full and used to chew through them! We told her the dummy fairy had asked her to pass them on as she was too big for them now! If you have a friend who has recently had a baby they could be "passed" on to them, or we gave them to the baby piglets at Bocketts Farm! (strange looks from the counter lady when we put the bag of them on the counter declaring they were for the piglets.......!) We visited the piglets and told her that the Dummy Fairy would be very proud and leave a present at the weekend if she was a big grown up girl about it! Cold turkey is the only way and bath, story, bedtime took a little longer as we had 20-30 mins of "i miss my dums" but a gentle reminder that the dummy fairy was watching helped! At the end of the week, the dummy fairy left the a very pretty parcel and a note, saying how happy the piglets were and thank you for the help! Inside the parcel was a lovely "build a bear" that she had seen a little while before........No dummy for bed, but a lovely new teddy and one happy little girl!

  15. Oh my oh my does this bring back memories! It was absolutely ditto for my middle child millie - we had the dummy fairy arrive too. We settled the dummies down in a special place telling Millie who was 3 that the dummy fairies needed a new supply for the babies and it's time to let them go. In the morning we woke to find fairy dust from the front door leading to the 'special place' and in that special place was an exceptionally special cuddly toy doggie with a little note saying thank you from the dummy fairies AND the new little babies. It worked perfectly and this was a child that would carry 4 in each hand AND have numerous ones in her mouth 24/7 yuck darn things! Unfortunately, we will have to go through this with No. 3 too! Good luck! x

  16. Oh god, I have pictures of K doing the 'double-dummy', I have to try not to laugh! It took us a week of hiding them from her and putting up with the screaming to break the habit (but she still has them for naps). Distraction worked quite well. Good luck!

  17. Oh no I read this and feel for you. I have no experience at all but wishing you luck. I did hear about posting them in the post box to the dummy fairy, but you would still have to deal with the aftermath. It's so hard and seems they test us at every given opportunity. Bless her though she looks so gorgeous.....x Good luck

  18. I gave my daughter a dummy as she couldn't breastfeed but luckily for me, she weaned herself off it at four months!

    I have heard of fabulous success stories (of which I'm sure yours will be one) of giving up dummies almost overnight!

    Good luck!


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