Monday, 29 August 2011

Gel (ac) on my fingers and Minx on my toes......

I shall have music wherever I go................or something.

I am currently on holiday on the beautiful island of Ile de Re of the coast of La Rochelle.  Before I went I treated myself to a minx pedicure and Gelac nails for my fingers.

I blogged about Gelac Nails - a revolution and yesterday I had my fingernails done again.  This time I had my nails filed quite short, I didn't fancy long talons on the beach - all that sand!  I think they look lovely, what do you think??

I also had Minx put on my toenails.  I went for a shiny silver and the result is lovely for a holiday, not so sure for everyday in London?!

If you haven't tried Minx then I can highly recommend it.  It is so long lasting (5-6 weeks!) and doesn't chip at all.  You need to get it removed once it grows out but for ease of mainteneace then you can't go wrong.  The only negative is that you are stuck with the same colour if you can't afford to keep getting the colour changed. 

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. they look wicked!!!! i want mine done!!! the silver is cool...will investigate!!!


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