Monday, 25 July 2011

A Perfect Day!

Today has been everything the Summer Holidays should be.

I think we all look back nostalgically and reminisce about the long summer holidays where we were out from morning until night with only a bottle of pop and a bag of chips to keep us going whilst we biked our way around the neighbourhood.  We bemoan the fact our kids don't have it as good as we did that times have changed yadda yadda.

Well today my lovelies we had the perfect day.  We left the house at 9am and got back at 8pm.  The best bit is, it cost us NOTHING.

We are lucky to have an amazing park nearby that also happens to be exactly half way between our house and that of a good NCT friend so it makes sense to meet there.

The park is perfect - in the centre you have a children's play area that is based around a huge wooden pirate ship, this in turn is surrounded by sand and water fountains that provide hours of fun as children build tunnels and towns and re-direct water and make dams.  Once they have had enough of that there are zip wires, tunnels and climbing walls.  It truly caters for all ages and once the play area is exhausted, there is tennis, football, rounders and a skate park.

Despite being the perfect park, it doesn't get to busy and you can quite literally, let the kids run wild.

We arrived at 11am and had a wonderful time, breaking about 1pm for Margarita pizzas eaten straight out of the box, piping hot with cheese dripping down the kids chins.  We had a break for ice creams and then my oldest school friend who happens to live close by was also in the park and invited us back to tea so we ended up playing cricket in her garden until 7pm.

On the way back we stopped at the farm shop to buy some duck eggs for breakfast and all 3 kids had a bath to get rid of the sun and fell into their beds - tired, happy and loving life!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. My favourite kind of day. I have been at work all day - boo!

    Mich x

  2. Ah thanks so much! It was lovely, no doubt I'll have some bad days but today was just FAB!!!! xx

  3. really your day kicks arse over mine!

  4. Wow where abouts is that? It sounds fantastic! :)

  5. Pizza and sand, sounds like Priory Park. We love it there, the Boy loves rolling down the big hills.

  6. Sounds like the perfect park, if only we had something like that near


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