Saturday, 16 July 2011

Listography - Live Gigs....

I couldn't NOT participate in Kate Takes 5 listography this week, as I LOVE, LOVE music.  I am also *insanely* jealous that she is at Benicassim in Spain for 4 glorious days......

So, without further ado, here are five gigs that I would to attend/re-live:

1) Oasis at Glastonbury 1995 (actually, I was there, it was such an amazing set ans till one of the best live performances I have seen).  I totally respect the Gallagher brothers musically/lyrically and honestly think they are going to be a band that the next generation will listen to, rather like our generation listen to the Stones/Beatles. (note am NOT comparing by the way before any of you purists get on my case!)

2) The Rolling Stones - any gig from the 60s.  Their best songs in my opinion are from 1962-1968 so any gig during that time.  Here's a video link to my favourite ever Stones song taken from the 1969 Altamo gig where Hells Angels were security!

3) Live Aid 1985 - This was truly the first global gig.  It highlighted the plight of Africa and raised millions.  I was 10 at the time and watched the whole thing on a marathon session with my whole family.  Here is a clip of the late, great Freddie Mercury, a true showman.

4) Jonny Borrell Acoustic Set - June 2011 (this is my own personal video, I am a tad tipsy so the quality of my videoing leaves a lot to be desired!)  However, it was an AMAZING day/night at the Polo with all of our lovely friends (and my MIL you can spot just in front on JB with her arms in the air ;-)

5) Robbie Williams - Elysee Montmartre, his most intimate gig yet.  I saw him at what I think is the Roundhouse not long after he left Take That, about 500 people but when I google I can't find anything/ so think it was probably somewhere else and my memory is failing!!! (Fran, where was it??!!!)  It was about 1997, I do know that, he was great and it felt very intimate. 

Peace and Love

Love S.A.M xxxx


  1. Glasto 95!! Amazing. So many brilliantly epic performances - Pulp, The Verve (back when they were just 'Verve' I think), PJ Harvey... One of my best weekends ever!

  2. Aah Live Aid would have been AMAZING :)

  3. Great list - glad you enjoyed your escapism (even if it was in your head whereas mine was REAL!!)


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