Friday, 29 July 2011

A letter to Blondie....

Dear Blondie,

1978-1981 (ish) You were one of my childhood heroes - with your eclectic mix of rap, pop, reggae and disco you were oh so cool and I wanted to be you when I grew up.......

Last night I had the opportunity to see you live thanks to HAW's job we had a table for 14 at Epsom Downs racecourse for some evening racing and then you were playing at 9pm.    I was VERY nervous but excited about going, what if you didn't meet my expectations?!  What if you floundered on stage and gave a rubbish performance??  Would all my happy childhood memories of dancing in front of the mirror to "hanging on the telephone" be tarnished by this live performance??

Here are some of my favourite Blondie songs:

My all time favourite:

Here you are performing last night:

You were ATOMIC!  I still can't believe you are 66 years young and I loved the blue tutu that was then whipped of to reveal a pair of hot pants...

photo by aces artwork

Finally, I have to say, I *still* want to be you when I grow up!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

PS: If you live in London or in the surrounding counties, I can highly recommend Epsom Live!  Every year they have some great bands which have included JLS (kids LOVED that one) Madness, Texas, The Wanted and the Beach Boys.  On the 21st August they have the Rat Pack Show which I am going to take the whole family to including the grandparents.   It's a great evening with lots of atmosphere and  you may even win a few quid on the horses!!!!


  1. 66?!? Wow, she still sounds amazing. My sister met her a few years ago as she was doing the voice over on a documentary her company was working on. She got a signed framed photo of her at the end and I have to say I was very jealous!

  2. Oh yes I couldn't believe that either when someone told me how old she was - I evenhad to check on wiki as didn't believe it!! I want a signed photo..tried to sneak backstage but no joy ;-(

  3. I saw them a few years ago and they were amazing. Love them and def want to be Debbie when I grow up.

  4. Hi, love the blog.

    It was a fantastic evening, they gave it 110%.

    I posted a few more of my pics taken yesterday evening on the Epsom Facebook wall which you might like.

    Kind regards


  5. Hi, I saw her last weekend at Camp Bestival and she was brillant. I loved hearing all the old songs. It was electric!


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