Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ghost the Musical - A Review

One of my favourite films of the early 90s is Ghost.  I was taken to see this by my first proper boyfriend and we innocently held hands throughout.  It was a great film that has one of the most iconic film moments (well from the 90s at least along with Meg Ryan and "that" scene) when Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze have a loving cliche over a potters wheel whilst we are treated to the aural delights of "unchained melody" by the righteous brothers. 

Here's a quick reminder of "that" scene:


For those of you who have been living under a rock or who are too young to remember the original film, the story centres on Sam and Molly who have a perfect Manhattan Life, that is until Sam is shot dead by a mugger.  Sam then realises he is caught in the "in between life" and realises that Molly's life is in danger as his so called "friend" is doing all he can to launder money.  Sam then does all he can to warn Molly that her life is in danger.  The film has plenty of twists and visually brilliant scenes and so when I was asked to preview the West End production of Ghost - The Musical  I was excited but also sceptical - how would one of my favourite films translate to the West End Stage? 

I took Super Amazing Gran (my lovely mum) with me as she was also a massive fan of the original film.

Let me start by saying that the set was outstanding - the visuals were breathtaking and there was always something going on which was relevant to the story - scenes from NY, video screens and moving walls - the subway scene was cleverly executed and a highlight of the show, really spectacular, take your breath away amazing!

Whoppi Goldberg won an Oscar for her original performance of Oda Mae Brown and so the Holby City actress Sharon D Clarke had a very hard act to follow.  Sharon was outstanding - she completely pulled this of with humour and gusto and her voice was incredibly powerful.  She was superb. 
 The Canadian actress C
aissie Levy’s took on the role of Molly and she gave a truly emotional performance throughout - her voice was breathtaking and gave Super Amazing Gran goosebumps and I welled up on more than one occasion.

Richard Fleeshman’s portrayal of Sam was brilliant, he has a good voice, although on occasions, it was difficult to understand his words.  He and Caissie worked very well together and there were several poignant moments that struck a cord with the audience.

My only criticism is that the "potters wheel" scene isn't long enough, for me that was one of the most defining moments of the film and so I would have liked to have seen more action!! 

S.A.G said "this is one of the best productions I have ever seen; I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends and would give it a BIG 5 OUT OF 5"

I have to say, I agree with my mum, it was a great adaption that was visually effective and had lots of tear jerking moments - it was quite simply, beautifully executed with great acting, great songs and a fabulous set. 

If you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about, then simply have a look at  Superbreak - Ghost the Musical and book your tickets now, I predict that this will be a sell-out.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

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  1. My friend wanted to go and see this, but I was unsure. However, with a fab review of 5 out of 5, I may have to go & see if Richard can live up to the amazing Patrick Swayze :)

    Great post.


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