Saturday, 23 July 2011

Earth Friendly Kids - lovely bubbly!

One of my favourite brands when the kids were babies was Earth Friendly Baby which I discovered after BoBo had eczema.  Like most new mums I first started using Johnson and Johnson products which have a very strong heritage in the UK and I have to say, I adored the "fresh baby" smell.  Whilst J+J baby range was perfect for Beansy, BoBo on the other hand, had skin of a far more delicate nature and so I started to look into the ingredients and the process that actually go into baby skin care products.

I was already using reuseable nappies (how I miss the sight of those billowing on the washing line!) and biodegradable wipes and so now I started to look closer at the eco credentials of baby skincare ranges.

I came across Earth Friendly baby in Waitrose and was very impressed with the entire range - everything was natural from the responsibly sourced organic lavander to the fact that no artificial colours or synthetic fragrances are present.  Perhaps just as importantly, they do not use parabens or sodium lauryl.   Perfect if you have a little one that suffers from a skin condition.

However, as the kids grew up, and BoBo outgrew his eczema (or perhaps it was caused by the use of other products) I gradually stopped buying Earth Friendly Baby and instead moved onto pastures anew.  

I always wondered why they hadn't expanded the range to accommodate older kids and so when I was asked to review  Earth Friendly Kids I was thrilled.

We were sent Shampoo and Body wash, hand soap and body lotion all in the Minty Lavander range which ranges in price from £2.49-£4.99 making this a very affordable organic, natural range.

The packaging has been cleverly executed and we have 4 superheros on board - Leo, Sophie, Cosmo, Daya and Spiro the dog who all have different eco credentials.  The boys LOVED the packaging and enjoyed reading about the heros on the back, especially as they have friends with 3 out of the 4 names.

The products were fine - they all did what they are supposed to do and a special mention must go to the body lotion which was incredibly luxurious and worked wonders on my cracked heels (naughty mummy).

However, by far and away the most amazing thing about this range is the smell - Minty shouldn't work but my goodness it does.  We all adore it and not only is it fresh and quite unique it is also long lasting.

Super Amazing Says:

Packaging: 10/10 - the boys loved the design and use of superheros, I loved the ease of use
Price: 7/10 This is an affordable range of organic skincare products
Does it work: 9/10 The kids have lovely soft, sweet smelling skin

Overall this is a great range and one that we as a family are happy to see on the shelves as an older range.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Oo my son has eczema, I haven't tried the Earth Friendly stuff, I'll have to give it a go. Thanks.

  2. Yes definately give it a go - come back and let me know how you get on!!


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