Friday, 29 July 2011

Cheap Summer Holiday Activity

School Holidays can be expensive what with the endless activities and the *constant* wails of "mum, mummy I'm hungry".  Seriously, what is that all about?  During term time the brats (my term of endearment for my little lovelies) have breakfast, followed by a hot school dinner with fruit snacks then a hot dinner at home with a pudding.    During the holidays, they turn into human for example they had toast followed by cereal and yogurt then 2 bananas and rice cakes about an hour later..followed by jacket pots with tuna and sweetcorn (and they were HUGE spuds) then more fruit and then homemade salad burgers with chips....and still they want more...Gannets....

Anyway, on Tuesday I decided to take them to the pick your own farm so they could work for their keep!!

There are more and more Pick your own farms than every before and we are very lucky to have Garsons Farm on our doorstep.  The great thing about PYO is that you spend a lovely few hours in the fresh air with no distractions apart from what you are going to pick next!

Garsons has been going for 29 years and is massive.  It takes us a good few hours to pick what we want and it operates a one way car system so that you can navigate the 100 acres safely.   They have an abundance of fruit and vegetables and it is obviously all seasonal.  Beansy loved digging for carrots and potatoes, here he is with his giant spud - very impressive!

It's the first time I have taken Pixie and she was in her element - really looking at the map and saying "want strawberries please".  She couldn't believe her eyes at all the raspberries and strawberries and it is a great way to get children interested in fruit and vegetables and to discover how they grow.

The great thing about PYO is that the kids are allowed to sample the produce as you go around, in fact, it is one of the perks!  My lovely mum loves to reminisce about the time I was strawberry picking as a 4 year old and when the farmer asked me "have you eaten any strawberries Miss?" to which I replied "no" as I stood there with berry stains and juices all down my dress and around my mouth!   

However, I was shocked to see whole families gorging on the produce - quite literally setting up picnic blankets in amongst the orchards (despite there being a picnic area) and helping themselves to a lunch.

We picked strawberries, raspberries, french beans, runner beans and apples and dug up carrots, potatoes and a red onion.  The best thing about PYO?  Our little haul only cost us £12.40p!  What an excellent value for money Summer Holiday Activity that turned out to be!

Do you have a PYO farm?  Do you use it??

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. What a great idea! I think I might add this to my list of things to do over the next few weeks. I haven't got school-age children but I go back to work from mat leave in September so am making the most of the 'summer hols!'

  2. You aren't allowed to eat the stuff you pick at Garsons Farm!!! Naughty naughty (of course I do too, shhhh)

  3. That looks great! what a good idea! Mine love raspberries!

  4. One of the PYO farms near us had to stop PYO strawberries as too many were being eaten and not enough being paid for. Shame there are some greedy people out there :(

  5. That is so sad Kirsty - hopefully they won't do that at our one!!!

    Love S.A.Mxx


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