Sunday, 12 June 2011

We need your help!!!

Last night HAW and I tried to book a family holiday.  We spent hours scouring the net for the perfect holiday, but guess what?  We couldn't find what we were looking for!  We have been lucky enough to go to some amazing places over the years and by far our best ever family holiday was Bandos Island in the Maldives in 2008, it totally ticked all of our boxes as had amazing diving, great food, excellent kids club and total much so, we came back with more than a suntan (Hello Pixie ;-)

I don't think our requirements are that bad, but we have conflicting our idea of holiday hell is organised "happy clappy" around a pool but if you want a kids club then this is par for the course.  We HATE hotels but love villas (yet villas on a *shudder* complex are all over £10k).  We LOVE eating out in the evenings and finding new restaurants rather than same old same old of an all inclusive.  However, if someone can recommend an excellent AIO then we would go for that.  I appreciate that not all AIO are the same.

So this is what we want

1) Hot weather, on a beach
2) Supervised kids club so we can have a few hours to chill each day
3) Lovely spacious accomodation
4) No happy clappy adult entertainment in the evening
5) Flexibility on dining options
6) Needs to be in last 2 weeks of August into Sept is fine

That's it!! Not too difficult is it???

So why can't I find a holiday to cater for this?! 


  1. We jsut got back from here, stayed with another family so each had a villa. Isn't on a beach thou which was a real bummer for me as i like the beach, but the pools were good.. Kids club was brillant, 2 hours a day..

  2. I hope you find what you're looking for - I will be passing by this post to see what advice you're given as I'm also struggling to find somewhere suitable for my family

  3. So agree with what you want. Let me know if you find it!

  4. We've hot weather aplenty hot that for my holiday I'm heading home to Blighty for a month of cloud, rain and occasional sunny spells!

    But sorry I've no suggestions, when ours were young we used to go camping in the N of England or France, not one for beach holidays. Now most holidays are spent catching up with friends and family in the UK or sailing. Hope you find what you are looking for.

  5. I am wracking my brains to try and think of something I saw when looking for our holiday (we only booked last week). Bulgaria, Malta and Greece were all coming up with the requirements you have but it was out of our price bracket for a last minute booking.

    Have a look on Travelzoo too - some really good offers on there, even moreso if you are prepared to take "allocation on arrival".

  6. Hi lovely. Have you ever tried or even Both are fabulous for non-happy clappy type holidays xxxx

  7. thanks for all your comments, plenty for us to google tonight!!

    Love Sxx


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