Sunday, 12 June 2011

Frock it....week 7

Firstly, I can't believe that we are up to week 7 of the lovely linky hosted by Mid Thirties Life as I seem to have missed lots of weeks.  For me this is the best linky ever as it's quick, it's interesting and it's visual. 

This was such an easy choice for me this week, it is the beautiful Lily Allen in her wedding dress.  She has had a heartbreaking year but to announce on her wedding day that she is expecting again is just magical.

Her dress is a real classic, it has a beautiful, timless, vintage quality and was designed by the french designer Delphine Manivet.  Lily looks amazing and her headdress with the sort of Princess Leia buns on the side is also beautiful.

picture taken from the Daily Mail Website

Lily also announced that she is more than 12 weeks pregnant and you can see a hint of a bump under her dress.  I would like to wish her and Sam a very happy, loving and healthy future together.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. To be honest....(sorry Lily) I didn't like it. I wasnt keen on the Princess Leila buns and I didnt like the very visible seam of the bottom skirt. But I am thrilled she is pregnant and happy!

  2. I think its a beautiful dress and such wonderful news for the pair, fingers crossed that this pregnancy goes smoothly and they are a happy family unit at the end of it all.

  3. She does look amazing, and I agree the dress is simply beautiful. I can't get past the headdress though.

    "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi..."

    Thanks so much for those lovely comments about Frock It! Made my day. xx

  4. I thought the dress was better than the princess Leia headdress but was also pleased to hear that she is expecting. Hope everything goes well for them.

  5. No so sure about the headdress but the dress is lovely.

    And I so wish her the best with her pregnancy - I was due around the same time as her last time and it really shook me up when she lost her baby - made me cuddle my bump that little bit tighter and feel even luckier when I finally held him safe in my arms. x

  6. I like the dress too, she looks so pretty and incredibly happy. I hope third time's the charm for her with the new baby.

  7. Have to say that I absolutely LOATHE Lily's dress and think she looks like she's wearing a nightie. However, lovely news for her that she's pregnant again, and she did look absolutely radiantly happy on her wedding day. I wish them lots of luck for the future.

  8. Nope. Don't like the dress. Shame, cos I usually like what she wears... all the vintagey stuff! Ne'er mind, she looks happy and luminous so I guess that's all that matters... :)


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