Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Toffee Dodgers - A review

It didn't take much persuading when we were offered the chance to review the latest offering from the Burton's Dodger family - the Toffee Dodgers.  Now I have to say, I have been a massive fan of Jammie Dodgers for a long, long, time and they are always the biscuits I home in on at kids parties.  So, would the toffee dodgers meet my exacting standards??  More importantly, what would the kids think??

When we first opened the packet, we were hit by a very strong caramel toffee smell - first bite and the lovely crumbly base that you get with the Jammie dodgers is there and then you hit the sticky toffee.   Now I have to be honest and say that for me they didn't quite hit the spot, it was a very strange sort of toffee taste although the texture was spot on.   I would almost describe it as a burnt toffee taste.

The kids on the other hand, LOVED them!!! 

Here is what Mandy Bobrowski the Marketing Manager at Burton’s Foods has to say ‘Dodgers are a well loved family treat and we wanted to offer families more choice. Toffee Dodgers brings a whole new flavour to the range and we hope that kids love it as much as we do. The new packaging will run across the range and there will be other additions in the future.’

What is fab is that the design has the cut away heart and you can cut the biscuits in half to lick the toffee filling out.  In fact, does anyone NOT eat dodgers in this way??

Packaging:                            8/10 (it's new, it's slick)
Value for Money:                  8/10
Taste:                                   5/10 me, 6/10 HAW, and 10/10 the Kids!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. ......rushes out to buy a packet!!

  2. LOL - they also have chocolate ones, I reckon I would prefer those!!!

  3. I don't like jammie dodgers if I am honest and I never have done but I just had to comment on this because have you seen the new advert?!!? Possibly the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life. I have tweeted about it a few times as well! The red monkey's voice is scary! ;) Anyway there we go!! x

  4. Mmm how I would love to try the toffee dodgers now, with go great with my cup of tea. Pitty lol x

  5. I didn't like them :( was so disappointed cause they sound amazing!


  6. I have to agree and say the taste of the toffee is weird. Sorry I didn't like them and would not buy again!

  7. Not only does the toffee not quite taste right, they don't have enough in them. Won't be buying them again.


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