Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Potty Training - The 7 day update

Well it's been a week since I decided to potty train Pixie Potty training the slatterns way and what a little superstar she has been!  I remember my life being ruled by the potty with the boys, staying in, being WAY to over enthusiastic so this time, using my experience I decided to just go with it and see what happened as she was showing signs of being ready. 

Not sure if it was the fact she was a girl (and have heard that girls are easy to potty train than boys) or the fact I was just so much more chilled out about it all, but it was a breeze.

She as only had 2 accidents in a week and has not wet the bed once! 

I have always taken the bull by the horns and just taken the night nappy away with all of them at the start of potty training as I believe it confuses issues and taken longer if you have a nappy on at night and then underwear in the day.  I know of a few 6/7 year olds who are still wearing pulls up at night and when their parents try and take them away, they are wetting the bed. 

I just give them their bedtime drink about an hour before bed and make sure they wee before going to sleep.  I always used to lift the boys but we forgot with Pixie and she was fine (so far) and just does a big wee in the morning.

The only trouble we are having is that she can't pull her knickers down/up by herself.  I am going to buy her some a size bigger to see if this makes things easier as she is very independent and takes herself off to the loo/potty then struggles with her knickers.......I will let you know!

Good luck to anyone else trying!!

Love and Peace

S.A.M xxx


  1. well done Pixie! She's so good hope bigger knickers work!!

    Abi xx

  2. she has done so well, am very proud of my little Pixie xxx


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