Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lego Frog Rush Game - Review


When I told the boys that we were going to review one of the new Lego games, they nearly wet themselves in excitement.  You see to a 7 and 4 year old, Lego is the be all and end all, the elixir of playtime.  I on the other hand, inwardly groaned.  I am sick to the back teeth of Lego, I find it everywhere from down the sofa to in my handbag and I presumed that this would be lots more bricks to add to the ever increasing mountain.

However, when we opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised - there wasn't a lot and it was quite small.

We didn't even follow the instructions to put this together as I stupidly didn't realise there were two instruction packs in the box (ikea this isn't!)one for the putting together of the game and the other how to play.  It took about 10 mins to put together and we quickly got stuck into the game. 

The object of the game is to get your frogs back home (this reminded me of the 80's computer game frogger) before your opponents get their frogs back to base.  Add to the fact you have a froggy eating stork on the board and it makes for a game of tactics (the boys quickly came to a silent agreements that if either of them rolled orange which means taking control of the stork, that they would eat my frogs).

We really enjoyed this and played a couple of rounds before bed.  This is aimed at children aged 7+ but BoBo who is 4 really got into it (although was a bit heavy handed with the pieces).  Beansy aged 7 loved it and even got some Lego ninjas involved as the "froggy protectors".

This retails at around £10 and would make a great present for a boy or girl.

The boys get the final say:

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx

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  1. Aren't your boys gorgeous!! Glad they enjoyed it.x

  2. I like to think so!!!! They have their moments though.....you wouldn't believe from looking at this that they enjoyed the game, they were cross because I told them it was bedtime!!!

    Ha Ha Ha

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