Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Frock It......................

Oh, Oh, Oh................this is the BEST sort of meme for me that the lovely Midthirtieslife has invented (damn, why didn't I think of that) as it encompasses everything I and people watching....

It's called Frock It and you basically have to post a picture of a dress that someone has rocked this week......

Without further ado here is my absolutely favourite:

Poor Kate got absolutely slated for wearing this Here but I absolutely love it, it is a real statement dress that is chic and patriotic. 

I managed to track it down, it costs £98 (gasp!) from Traffic People and is also available in understated grey (which I adore).  

Who knows, you may just see me in this very, very soon.....


  1. I thought it was illegal to wear the flag. Or is that only as underwear and only in the USA?

    But you are right, this is lovely!

  2. actually, I think you are right....hmm can anyone clarify??!

  3. not sure about whether its legal but i like the grey one, even though i'm too short and havent got enough 'boobage' lol *sigh* i can still dream...

    :) xx

  4. Oh, I like that. And it suited her.

    Don't think it is illegal - remember Gerri Halliwell's Union Jack dress.

    Although my Father-in-law insisted on taking in the Union Jack flags at sundown last week. Imagine if you had to take the dress of at sunset!

  5. Love it! There's a boutique down the road that was selling the grey one a few weeks ago. I fell in love with it and am kicking myself I didn't buy it. Although now that I know the price I know it wasn't possible anyway.

    Also it can't be illegal to wear the flag. Soooo many Aussie women have their Aussie flag bikinis, which I so love and wish I had one, that it just can't be against the law. Can it?

    And thanks so much for joining in!! That's two of you now - that's enough to get me excited. xxxxx

  6. I think it's the Americans that get all uppity about using the flag for anything other than running it up a pole! Fab dress. My cleavage would let me down somewhat though.

  7. I thought of Ginger Spice when I saw this dress. Still undecided if that's a good or bad thing!! Brave gal for wearing it, but yeah, the grey one's nicer. Hey if we all put money in we can buy one and share it! Yeah? Yeah? Ye.. oh. Bum.

  8. Ha ha, just read motherventing's comment and it reminded me of Ginger Spice too - sort of Ginger Spice all grown up but still rockin' lol. Much prefer the grey. Wonder if it's machine washable? Not sure it would look so good with DD's breakfast down the front...

  9. Is it true Ginger Spice's dress was made from a tea-towel? Or did I just make that up. I'm sure I heard it somewhere.

  10. I think I am blinkered on the attractiveness of this one as I find her and her large pert breasts which always seem to be thrust towards the camera a bit annoying.


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