Monday, 23 May 2011

An Amazing Opportunity...............

When I was in labour with Beansy way, way back in 2003, England were playing the best Rugby they had played in a long time at the world cup.   Of course we went on to win and us English fans were quite literally worshiping at the feet of a certain Mr Wilkinson.  In fact, such a passionate English fan I am, that I wanted to give Beansy the middle name "Jonny". 

picture courtesy of bbc news

HAW being Scottish put his put down on that idea, but it was no surprise that our boys would go on to play rugby from a very young age.  In fact, when we were talking about a summer holiday at the weekend they said they didn't care where we went so long as they could take a rugby ball!
They both started playing aged 3 at our local club Sutton & Epsom RFC and HAW is now a coach whilst I manage the Under 7's.    S&E is one of the oldest yet most active clubs in the Country which has a splendid and magnificent past.  You can find out more Here 

Our under 7's have had a magnificent first festival season, winning plenty of silverware and qualifying for the final of the Curtain Raiser Cup at Quins.  We lost by one try to the eventual winners but more importantly than any silverware is the team spirit and enjoyment for the game that has been seen throughout the squad.

When I saw that AEG were supporting grass roots Rugby and offering not 1 but 50 (!) teams aged 16 and under the opportunity to design new kits, win a washing machine, tumble dryer and lots of other goodies I just had to enter my boys and girls.    I couldn't believe it today when I was told that we were a finalist!!!

Now my lovely friends, we are all waiting with bated breathe to find out which lucky team gets the opportunity to train with Austin Healey, and the ultimate grand prize of a once in the lifetime opportunity to train with the England team!!

You can also try and win a new AEG washing machine by entering a competition Here

Fingers crossed for my little Superstars!!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. you probably know my friend sarah, then. she has twin boys and she umpires.
    joy xx

  2. Amazing I can't wait for my boys to take an interest in Rugby however I feel we have lost the eldest (6) to football booooooooo, oh and Austin Healey is from the Wirral where I live woohoo!

  3. Wow!! Love it.

    The sight of Mr Wilkinson kicking a goal still breaks my heart.... that final kick against Aus in the world cup final.... sob, sniff....

    And I'm ashamed to say I yelled "NOOOOOOOOOO!" and nearly cried.


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