Saturday, 23 April 2011

No half term is complete without a trip to A+E right???!

I don't remember going to hospital much as a child, so either I have accident prone kids, we have more medical knowledge as parents or I am far more cautious as a parent than my mum ever was (probably a bit of everything actually). 

Over the past 8 years I have been up to A+E several times either in the middle of the night or on dr's orders for various ailments including very high temperatures, suspected urine infections, split lips and a huge gash on Beau Bo's cheek that required plastics to stitch up (he now has a very cool action man stylee scar).

On Thursday we met friends in the local park for a picnic lunch, we steered clear on the swings and instead went to the huge meadow/field in order to the kids could just run, play, explore.  They built camps, went hunting for mini beasts, played tennis, football and rugby and rolled down the hill several times.   The children ranged from 7 years old to 8 months and it was just lovely to watch them all interacting and having good old fashioned fun. 

It got to about 4pm and I was just packing up to go when Beau Bo cried out, he then started to scream and I knew instantly that he was hurt.  I ran over to where he was and his foot was covered in blood (yes they were all barefoot as were we) the cut was quite deep and so I thought we needed to go to the Dr for it to be cleaned up. 

A lovely lady gave me a tea towel to stem the blood and off we set (thank goodness I had the car).  We got to the Dr's who sent us straight to A+E which was something I was hoping to avoid as I didn't have the buggy and Pixie was overtired, Beansy was hungry and poor old Beau Bo was in pain and I wanted him sorted ASAP.

Luckily for us we were seen quite quickly, he was x-rayed, steri stitched and given strict instructions to not put any pressure on his foot for 48 hours and to keep it clean, dry and raised.

Here's the boy - in heaven as it means I have let him play Wii for hours and hours!!!!!  Donkey Kong rocks although he is getting a wee bit frustrated now.  We are back on Tuesday to see if it has worked.  He is definately my wounded soilder, he now has 3 scars at the age of 4 - His action man one, one on his lip from when he split his lip at school on a milk crate and now this one on his foot.  Please God, no more!|

Happy Easter Everyone!

Peace and Love



  1. Ouch- bless him. At least scars tell a good story when he is older. Hope his foot gets better soon and happy easter. x

  2. Awww, poor sweetheart! He looks quite happy in that photo though!

    CJ xx

  3. Bless him. Enjoying his Wii though, and that's him in the frame right? Did you ever find out what cut his foot?
    Hope it mends quick. Easter eggs may help ;-)
    Liska xxx

  4. I often worry that I'll go to pieces if anything bad happened to mine - I'm so squeamish it made me feel bad just reading that!! Bet you needed a cup of something strong when you all got home....!


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