Saturday, 16 April 2011

Guest Blog Post from Stephy @isaac_elijahmum

Foreword: Stephy is an amazing mum who is battling cancer.  I wanted to get her an ipad to make her life easier, my goal was to do this by her next round of 3 weeks of radiotherapy on the 3rd May.  We did this in less than 2 days, which was amazing, people who didn't even know Stephy donated and all of your words of support and encouragement have been sent to her.   You can read about how we did that Here and Here .

This is truly the power of social media!

Here is what Stephy has to say:

Hi this is Steph from @isaac_elijahmum.

I read these posts again last night and it takes a lot for me to cry but I did. I was very emotional and cannot believe you have all done this for me. I'm not special, I'm just me, an ordinary girl from North Wales fighting a stubborn stinky disease called Cancer.
I am totally overwhelmed and taken aback by your generosity, support, beautiful kind words of encouragement and I was left utterly speechless. The post you have written Sophie is also beautiful and that too made me cry especially what you had written about my Isaac. He does truly believe He's Buzz Lightyear and has an imaginary laser arm (left) and Ben 10 special powers on his right arm! He has indeed been trying to magic my hair back !:) He thinks my hair will grow back to how it was prior to chemotherapy over night. Honestly, I kid you not! I have a few follicles sticking up at the front and back now, I'm very pleased with this but no not Isaac! He still thinks I resemble a Man!:))

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you so so so so much. My lap top is actually on it's way out too as it's quite old and I don't think it has much longer left to live at all. Thank you very very much indeed. This is such a Lovely, thoughtful and kind thing to do for both Isaac and myself. We will never forget this.

I also promise I will never stop fighting and will continue to get better and beat this disease.


  1. What goes around comes around, nice, warm, genuine people tend to talk, support other nice, warm, genuine people........

    You would do the same for us xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely post, I'm not usually one for crying also but this post got me blubbing...come to think of it I've never cried so much since I've started blogging.

    I think you are an incredibly spirited and brave woman and the response you have received is testimony to that.

    I hope this gift can bring you some small comfort and I'm sure with the magic of love and laughter your little hair follicles will soon be a trendy short do!!!

    Lots of love, Natasha xxxx

  3. I don't really know what to say Hun you have me in tears! Your strength amazes me and the thought that this will bring you and buzz some happiness and make your days easier in some small way is enough for me. You truly inspire me and I'm so proud to have helped. Xxx

  4. Dear Stephy and Buzz
    You are true inspirations both of you. Good things come to good people and the ipad and full health I believe are your starting points.
    Sending you lots and lots of love hugs and lasers for buzz.

  5. I didn't know about this before now, and wish I'd donated towards the ipad. Hope you get lots of use out of it, and find all kinds of wonderful aps. You sound such a warm, lovely person I'm not surprised the world rallied around. Best of luck, I'll be following your upward progress.

  6. You have touched a lot of people's hearts and your battle is well worth the fight for your little Buzz. Wishing you so much luck and happiness in the future and hope the ipad makes your life when you're separated from your little man. xxx

  7. Really hope you still keep that strength for the battle, and that the iPad and support you know you have keep you going in the really tough times. Was lovely to be a part of it; big congrats to SAM for having the thought, being so selfless and seeing it through x

  8. You and Isaac will have lots of fun with the ipad. enjoy and see you tweeting from it soon.


  9. this is amazing - truly the power of social media but also the kindness of people in (a) a horrible world sometimes and (b) the blogging community.

    I would like to highlight this on my "Cancer - Your Story" series - would either of you mash up a summary and/or do a post of two halves, i.e. before (the request) and after (the collection) to summarise the whole thing?

    Here is the link to my page explaining more about the series

    Much love to you both xx


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