Friday, 29 April 2011

A double entry (!)- ohhh errr Super Amazing and Manic Mums Peeping Tom MEME!!!

Well hello everyone!

Right, it is spring, and along with the lambs a leaping and the (b*st*rd) birds at 4am a tweeting, Manic Mum and I are about to spring a new idea on you all too. We have had to go in on this one together, pool the effort, as our brain/inspirations/effort/will to live are rather depleted with 7 kids between us, at an all time low, you may say. But we say HA! Watch us work some magic together...

Anyway, here is how it works (we're keeping it brief like my husband's undies, he'll kill me when he reads that!)

We are asking you to write your real life true love story you have the next 2 weeks to do it-the linky will be open for 2 weeks.
*Here’s the ‘meme’ name, and the instructions-so get your marigolds on, (or don’t, totally your choice) and get typing, include a picci if you can, so we can all see your beautiful faces.
* The meme name is ‘Peeping Tom’
* Cut and paste the html for the badge onto your blog, or copy the badge picture, and do it that way if you prefer.
* Link up to the linky thing below, so we all get to read it, and obviously write your very own true love, real life story.
* Then write either or a 'comment' on this blog, to let us know you've joined in,
* OR you can 'twitter' us @superamazingmum, @manicmum4 to let us know.

This is all very new, and we are 'going with it' to see where you/it takes us...

We are already just too excited to read this first one we are giving you the title for 'my real life, true-love story' you can see Tamsyn's @ , and don't forget to watch out for mine on the 1st May which just so happens to be my wedding anniversary!!!

There you go, that's it- now it's down to you guys, may the force be with you...!

See you all soon,

Love SAM and Manic mum. xxx


  1. yay, I love a good love story! Will have to give mine some thought as we were a bit on/off for years, might be quite a long story!

  2. hey hey, we have 6 double entries...surely a record???? shall we write to Guiness book of records....?


  3. I've submitted mine...don't judge me!

  4. There you go, submitted :)

    I can't see any badge code but I've linked back at the end to you and Manic Mum.

    Will go through the other entries later when I've got more time.

    Be warned - mine's an epic! And please don't judge me either...



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