Friday, 22 April 2011


We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview on Wednesday of the new Age of the Dinosaur exhibition at the Natural History Museum.  We LOVE the Natural History Museum and have spent many a happy hour just wandering around so we were all looking forward to seeing this new exhibition.

Here's what they have to say:

"Travel back 65 million years to Jurassic swamps and Cretaceous deserts. Meet life-size, moving animatronic dinosaurs and other strange creatures among the smells and sounds of prehistoric lands"

We arrived and were taken up to the entrance of the exhibition, where my boys embarrassed the hell out of me by squealing "Look mum, juice and biscuits and it's all FREE, FREE mum, did you hear that FREE?" as they then processed to scoff more biscuits than their own body weight.

We then entered the exhibition to be greeted by a replica T-Rex footprint which measured 81cm by 74cm and dates back 67 to 65 million years. The original was found in New Mexico.

We then went on a dinosaur discovery journey that was both informative and fun.  There were lots to keep the boys amused and I was particularly impressed by the interactive activities that captivated the boys, they were easy to use and offered lots of variety.

Moving on, the lights dimmed as we entered the Dinosaur Zone, we had heard roars and the boys were thrilled to come face to face with real life, moving dinosaurs.  Pixie on the other hand was terrified and spent the whole time in her buggy hiding under her blanket. 

The animatronic dinosaurs are great, very realistic and the highlight was definitely the Tarbosaurus (which we initially thought was T-Rex) which we watched for about 10 minutes.  At the end of the exhibition you can then build you own dinosaur scrap book on the interactive console and by scanning in your ticket you are able to retrieve this once you are at home.  We are yet to do this (due to a visit to A+E yesterday but watch this space!).

The only negative thing about this exhibition is that the exit (like many attractions) is into a dinosaur gift shop.   I really wish that attractions wouldn't do this as it spoils a perfectly lovely day by putting the pressure on to buy a souvenir. At £5 for a pen (!) or £15 for my three kids, this was something that most of us can't afford to do.  Please take note NHM and offer small pocket money gifts resulting in happy kids and happy parents!!   

The exhibition runs from 22nd April - 4th September 2011 and costs £10 per adult, £6 per child or £28 per family.  Under 4's are free, usual concessions apply.


  1. That looks great! Laughing at your boys shouting that stuff was FREE :-)

    We'll definately be going there before September :-)

  2. That sounds like such a fun day out! I love the Natural History Museum and can't wait until Lucy is old enough to be taken. I think I prefer it to the Science Museum next door although both are good.

    Hope the visit to A&E was nothing too serious.

  3. Haha dinosaurs?? Who cares when there's FREE JUICE AND BISCUITS?? Looks like an awesome exhibition, will have to give it a look-see :)

  4. I am so so glad you wrote this post I've been umming and arhhing about going !


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    Click geology and then check out the dinosaur digs. You might also enjoy my blog - there's a lot of fun, easy stuff you can do at home with kids of all ages!


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