Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Where's my *bleeping* keys......

Something happens very frequently in our house.  It drive me absolutely insane and I have tried many, many times to rectify this problem.  It is getting to the stage where I am wondering if I am alone, am I the only person who suffers from this dreadful condition (disclaimer it is definitely hereditary as my mum has the same condition) it is driving a wedge between HAW and I and if I don't sort it soon, I fear our marriage may be over........

What can this condition be?!  What is so dreadful that I of all people (being superamazing and all that) can't rectify?

I'll tell you in the hope that someone can cure me.....

I can't stop losing my keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, those things that are so small yet such an important part of life. 

Take today for example, I rushed out of the door, all three kids were clean, pressed and fed, I was looking half way decent thanks to my mummy saving masterpieces (more of that to follow) and I hadn't raised my voice once. 

I dropped the kids off, came home and could I find my keys?! NO I COULDN'T.  I re-traced my steps to no avail, the school office didn't have them and my bag was empty (well apart from lots of used tissues, make up, my diary, 3 nappies, 4 pens, my ipad, my phone and a water bottle plus numerous receipts).

Luckily, having been in this position more times than I care to admit (ok it's more than 10 and less than 100) I called my key holders.  Fortunately my dad was in and so off I trotted, got the spare key and home I came.   However, once in, I couldn't find the key so presumed it had fallen off my key ring.

Fast forward to this afternoon - Rush out the door at 3pm, pick up the angels with dirty faces and then home.  Guess what, this has never happened twice - no bloody key!!

We all trot into the garden whilst I try the back door (pathetic really as I remember locking it before going on the school run) but I had to be seen to be doing something.

The kids are running amok, checking the Robin's grave (we had to bury one yesterday, very sad) and generally enjoying this unexpected jaunt into the garden of mud.

I am sitting in the gazebo with my bag turned out (same stuff as before but add 6 apples) and something tells me to shake it.  It sounds like Aladdin's cave but again under inspection it is empty.  I can now feel numerous things in the lining and it dawns on me that there must be a hole somewhere.

Lo and behold there is a hole which I can just about put my finger in.

Joy of Joy - not only have I found one key but 3 (yes dear reader 3 front door keys) plus £11.98 in change, 2 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses a mascara and 2 more pens.

I am in key heaven!!

So my little word of advise to anyone who loses keys on a regular basis, check the lining of your bag!

Peace and Love



  1. Brilliant, sounds a familiar tale. I too have had keys lost in the lining of my bag before. Also spend a whole day looking for my mobile phone, could hear it ringing & beeping but couldn't find it anyway. After further inspection of my bag I found that it has somehow wiggled into the lining.

    I think that we should avoid bags with linings at all costs.
    Natalia x

  2. wow! that could have been a page out of my daily book right there! how complicated we make our lives!! we need to put our heads together about creating some kind of micro chip that you can just add to your possessions/kids/husband, and call for example 'husband' and the right bleeper microchip thingy responds. how cool would that be? you'd never lose anything ever again, unless you lost them out of their microchip earshot...then u'd be f*ck*d.

    anyway, food for thought...??!!!!

    love tamsyn xxx

  3. I can confirm its hereditary, and its a condition I suffer from too, I'm pretty sure it only affects woman which is well annoying.

    My friend has lost her car keys, she's on day two now, I wonder if she checked the lining of her bag?! I shall text her straight away!

  4. Oh too funny but oh how familiar a story is this! Mind you the last time I thought I'd lost my keys I actually had them in my hand. 1 too many a glass of vino methinks ;-) Doo hates it when I can't find things as he re-traces my re-tracing and more often than not finds the lost item. I always end up swearing that it wasn't there before and Doo says I need to look harder! X

  5. I loose my keys all the time too. I think it's a woman thing.

    I just seem to lay them down.


    Without any real thought. It has made us late on numerous occasions. My husband has invested in a keyring you can whistle for and it beeps and a little house for the keys, that lives on the wall.

    But I still loose them on an almost daily basis. Shocking really.

  6. Ha Ha, glad I am not the only one!!! I have also had the whiste key chain and that worked until the battery ran out and I didn't replace it!!!

    @kateC having the keys in your hand has to go down as the funniest, Love it!

  7. @manic mum - let's get the men on the case!


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